Intelligent Buildings

Children consistently absorb inputs from their surroundings and are receptive to multiple sensory perceptions. To harness this potential, the school environment can be enriched in order to serve as an apt learning opportunity at each and every step and turn of the building contours. Schoolnet has developed a holistic solution aimed at improving learning outcomes that amalgamate the physical infrastructure and learning processes in a school, with the objective of creating quality learning spaces through  ‘Intelligent Buildings’.

This enables the transformation of physical spaces into interactive learning spaces by illustrating abstract & difficult concepts from the curriculum that are made real and fun to learn in the immediate environment, further enhanced through learning activities and integration of the concepts into the lesson plans

Dipsikha Dhadumia, a class VIII student from Kunwori Gaon High School, is of the opinion that learning Maths, a subject the young girl actually does not like, has now become more interesting, thanks to the ‘charts adorning’ the classroom walls. “Things become so much easier for me to recall, once I see these diagrams…diagrams of a cone, a square, graphs etc.”, says little Dipsikha

Ajmal Hussain, a class VIII student, from Borhapjan High School felt elated when he re-discovered his enthusiasm for learning with OIL’s Adding Dimension programme (under the Dikhya initiative). “With the help of the charts that hang on the walls of our classroom, we are now finding it more interesting to learn and to remember those learnings,” says Ajmal