Adding dimensions

A holistic platform for training, sharing and management of teaching learning resources

Accredit teachers

Accredit teachers

To make them prime movers in designing an enabling teaching learning ecosystem

Assess learning

Assess learning

To design, measure and track learning outcomes for focussed intervention

Act on evidence

Act on evidence

To use evidences of learning for pedagogical innovation and contextualised practices

Align factors

Align factors

To make a holistic intervention by integrating pedagogy, technology and curriculum

Teacher Capacity Building in

Teacher Capacity Building 1

21st century pedagogical skills in blended learning

Teacher Capacity Building 2

Designing effective tech-enabled teaching learning ecosystems

Teacher Capacity Building 3

Improving engagement, interaction and learning outcomes

Teacher Capacity Building 4

Using, adapting, modifying, creating & management of digital learning resources

How we do it

Teacher Training Cognitive Architecture

Our Methodology

Teacher Training Hexaic Training Methodology

Our products and services

teachers training portal
Teacher training portal with LMS

A versatile and self-contained teacher training portal with an integrated Learning Management System to be used for online teaching learning purposes.

teachers training
Teacher training courses

We offer comprehensive and pedagogically sound, competency based courses to scaffold teachers for designing effective 21st century teaching - learning ecosystems.

Adaptable Assessment platform
Adaptable Assessment platform

Flexible and adaptable assessment platform to suit specific needs of the school/ teacher.

Learning resources support
Learning resources support

A rich plethora of contextualized, vetted, curated and created open learning resources distributed every month to our vast teacher network and on-demand learning resources support extended to our partners.

Our Partners

Google for Education

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