At Schoolnet India Limited, we believe that people are our most important “Assets”. Getting the “Right People” at the “Right Time”, and orienting and grooming them to harness their capabilities, so as to enable them to contribute the best of their potential is our prime HR objective

Our HR policy revolves around the following values and pivotal objectives:

  • Respect for every individual employee
  • Values such as integrity, loyalty and professionalism
  • Providing a safe and conducive work environment
  • Congruence of personal and organisational goals
  • Matching competencies to roles/job profiles
  • Setting and achieving “SMART” goals
  • Ongoing learning and development
  • Empowerment, and delegation for better performance

Job Title

Create and maintain database with complete information on following:

  • Maintain a list of all Raw material suppliers with their contact number
  • Comprehensive list of all product/items related to handicraft produced in Bihar
  • Perform MIS related tasks as deemed necessary by UMSAS
  • Provide necessary data entry support
Qualification and Experience

  • Graduate in Computer Science, Information Systems / BCA
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in web design and web-based data base design and implementation.
  • Must be able to write clear, concise technical reports of high quality in English.
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