The Student App Fills In The Gaps In Conventional Teaching Learning Through Use Of Smart Technology

To make learning more effective and suited to each student’s individual learning pace, Schoolnet India deploys Personalized Learning Solutions. These help overcome the shortcomings in conventional classroom teaching learning methodologies, which are mostly time bound and where teachers often find it difficult to cater to the varying needs and aptitudes of each student.

An Interactive And Affordable New Age Blended Learning Platform

Geneo is Schoolnet’s flagship Personalized Learning Solution, designed to make learning simple, smart and effective. It works as an online application offering educational content in a personalized, self-paced learning environment. Geneo is based on a blended model of learning (AI supported technology + personalized mentor support), to facilitate a deeper understanding of concepts and their application to everyday schooling.

Learning with Geneo helps to simplify the learning process for students, makes it easier for them to grasp school curriculum and creates strong learning foundations. It also helps educators by providing a central resource of relevant and verified educational content in one place.

The Geneo Differentiator

Geneo has been designed around a central idea of helping students complement their conventional classroom schooling, with AI supported technology and resources together with personalized mentor support, to enable holistic and application-based learning.

  • Curriculum Aligned Digital Content
  • AI Supported Technology
  • Interactive Digital Content
  • Teacher-led Live Classes
  • Online Tests and Assessment
  • Subject Expert Mentors

Learning personalised as per the aptitude of every student

Geneo Transforms Learning Through
A Host Of Features

Personalized Learning

AI Enabled GENEO Virtual Assistant

Creates a personalized learning flow by analyzing learning level of each student

Live Mentor Support

Expert mentors available to clarify doubts, monitor performance and assist students to achieve their learning goals

Talking Assistant

A “ReadToMe” utility to help students learn English in a simple and interactive way

Live Classes

Live online classes by expert teachers enabling students to learn from the convenience of their home

Learning Resources

Curated Content

Curriculum Aligned Learning Content from multiple sources curated and mapped to the class textbooks

Digitized Textbooks

NCERT textbooks in digital format aided with other interactive tools to make learning more efficient

Virtual Experiments

Exploriments’ offer Digital Learning Labs where students can perform Science Experiments virtually

Learning Videos

Subject specific animated videos mapped chapter wise to NCERT books



Continuous assessments to track the learning progress of the child

Sample Papers

Curriculum based Sample Question Papers to help with revision and exam preparation

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