At Schoolnet we continuously strive to build on our products and ensure that our solutions meet the needs of our clients. Impact assessment exercise is an integral part of our offerings, and we make sure we evaluate every project that we undertake.

Evaluation of our education solutions is informed by the evaluation criteria led out by
OECD-DAC which includes

  • Relevance: Is the intervention doing the right things?
  • Effectiveness: Is the intervention achieving its objectives?
  • Impact: What difference does the intervention make?
  • Coherence: How well does the intervention fit?
  • Efficiency: How well are resources being used?
  • Sustainability: Will the benefits last?

Our evaluation studies involve a baseline assessment followed by mid-term and/or end-term impact assessment exercise:

Baseline Study
  • At the start of project implementation
  • To record the base point: students’/teachers’ prior exposure to technology usage & skills
Impact Study
  • Any study conducted after six months of project implementation upto the end, includes mid-line and end-line and also annual studies basis project duration
  • Records changes/shifts in skills/motivation, highlight achievements due to usage & recommend mid-course corrections
Rapid Beneficiary Assessment (RBA)
  • Quick dipstick study with an exploratory research design
Comprehensive Impact Assessment (CIA)
  • Involves a robust impact assessment of the solution offered

Impact Summaries

We share study reports of our solutions to ensure transparency and help our partners, learners and educators make evidence based informed decisions.

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