Empowering Lives with New Age Learning Interventions

Through our time tested solutions, we aim to contribute in the efforts towards providing better education opportunities for children in schools. We impact all major stakeholders in the education ecosystem, by helping improve teaching learning efficiency and bringing about a positive change in conventional thinking and approach to education.

For Learners

We offer technology and content to enable an improved learning experience for students, facilitate a sound understanding of core concepts to help create stronger learning foundations. Through our wide network of manpower and resources, we also help to improve the reach and affordability of quality education across socio-economic barriers.

Further, our personalised learning solutions like Geneo and EnglishBolo empower students to learn anytime, anywhere and as per their own learning pace.

For Educators

We offer technology and tools enabling educators to teach in a more structured and scientific manner with measurable outcomes.

Our specialized training sessions help teachers adapt to new technology based teaching methodologies, keep up with latest world-wide trends in education and become more efficient in their teaching abilities.

For Schools

We partner with government and private institutions to provide innovative tech-led solutions combining technology, interactivity, digital content, pedagogy and training.

Our comprehensive learning solutions help schools improve their educational outcomes through a blend of technology infrastructure, teaching learning resources and capacity building of teachers.