English Relay

Specially designed for young learners English Relay, a program compliant with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is based on the following tenets of language teaching methodology.

  • Receptive – Listening and Reading

  • Productive – Speaking and Writing
English Relay


  • For young learners 6-15 years
  • 8 levels of learning
  • Instructor led
  • Activity based
  • Digital content aided
  • Real life applications
  • Multisensorial reinforcement
  • Focus on spoken English
Language Lab

Language Lab

The Schoolnet language lab facilitates classroom engagement and participative interactions



  • Reinforces language acquisition using digitized content and tech-driven learning
  • Designed by language experts to ensure positive learning outcomes
  • Offers prescribed school textbooks integrated with customized reading software
  • Developed in partnership with English Helper Inc.

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