On an average, Indian parents spend Rs 32,000 annually on their children’s education, claim Schoolnet’s survey titled, ‘Understanding Indian School Education Spends Landscape’. While families in tier 1 cities spend as much as Rs 43,000 for their wards education annually, those in tier-2 shell out Rs 33,000 and Rs 34,000 in tier-3 cities and Rs 29,000 in tier-4 cities, the report added.

Further findings revealed that 7 per cent of families in tier 1 cities spend under Rs 10,000 on their child’s schooling, as compared to 18 per cent of parents in tier 4 cities in the country. The data also shows that a large gaps exist in education spending across the country, owing to factors such as expensive options for supplementary education, varying availability of resources, and levels of education of the parents. “As we move from Tier I to Tier IV, the average spend on education reduces, which influences the equitable access of education in the country,” claims the survey.