In the wake of the pandemic, the education sector and academic community were forced to adopt an online teachinglearning only mode of teaching. While the online ecosystem was not new, it was still in a very nascent stage. Today, after more than 17 months into the pandemic, it is evident that there is no going back to the old ways. Online education is here to stay. The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, also advocates the adoption and integration of technology in K-12 education and digitisation of the schooling system. They are redefining learning for the time to come. In this backdrop, the Government of Gujarat has launched a unique initiative called the G-Shala – the adaptive learning platform that ensures learning continuity

G-Shala App

Schoolnet India, in association with the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan, Gujarat Council of School Education, Govt of Gujarat and the Gujarat Council of School Education, GOG, build an innovative solution to support and strengthen learning continuity for students. G-SHALA (Gujarat Student Holistic Adaptive Learning App) born out of this partnership was made live on 10th June 2021.

G-Shala App

This Holistic Adaptive Learning App for students is embedded in a Learning Management System (LMS) for a seamless digital integration of education design and implementation. G-Shala is a platform-agnostic and device-independent app that provides digital interactives, 2D/3D augmented e-content mapped with textbooks for all the subjects and caters to grades 5-12. It is based on the Gujarat State Education Board (GSEB) syllabus.

The content is mapped with the Learning Outcomes as proposed by the National Curriculum Framework (NCF). Virtual simulations for laboratory experiments complement experiential learning. Pre-classroom modules provide pedagogical scaffolding for teachers in conducting online classes. The app provides avenues for both instructor-led as well as self-learning. The self-assessment for students is a crucial component of the self-learning modules providing opportunities for critical reflection. The AI-based guided learning feature of the app provides students with the opportunity to chart their own Learning Journeys. It also provides teachers with the opportunity to develop and implement differential teaching strategies. The app offers references and supplementary materials for learning.

Embedded in a Learning Management System, G-Shala builds an effective teaching-learning ecosystem. It provides comprehensive support to schools, administrators, teachers and students to ensure smooth and well-synchronized functioning. The school management and administrators can monitor individual teachers and students’ performances. With the help of the LMS, the teachers have easy access to a dashboard giving a 360-degree view of all the classes and subjects assigned to them. The teachers can create their own teaching-learning content also in addition to using the existing content that is available through the app to conduct classes. They can push assignments and assessments to individual students or a group of students to scaffold collaborative learning opportunities. All these together ensure the effective achievement of the desired learning outcomes.

The app will benefit around 70 lakh students and over 3 lakh teachers, belonging to 54,000 Government and Government aided schools. As of 9th August 2021, over 913,000 students and 229,000 teachers are using this teaching-learning platform.

The app is available on Google Play Store and the web version can be accessed at

Google Play Store

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