GeneoX, a unique initiative by Schoolnet, is a platform to bring together talent and expertise in the use of technology for teaching-learning while ensuring active participation from all stakeholders to learn, share & achieve

GeneoX is designed to evolve over the years with two distinct but interlinked elements:

1. GeneoX Championship has students, teachers, principals and parents participate in challenges for annual awards. The challenges has a strong focus on use of technology across Innovation (Ideation and Design), Academics (Math, Science, ..), IT (Basics, Robotics, Programming, …) & Life Skills (Language, Good Citizenship).

2.GeneoX Edu Meet aims at engagement of all stakeholders to discuss, debate, share, learn and showcase work in the ‘technology in education’ space through varied events.

  • Conferences would involve discussions/debates on innovations, sharing/showcasing new techniques & methodologies, exhibition of products, research submission.
  • Workshops would focus on developing digital skills and awareness of global trends in education.

Excitement of doing and knowing

The Championship invited students of Class IX to showcase their IT proficiency and knowledge starting with School-level competition and moving to block and district levels. The State Finals would be followed by the Nationals. Participating at various levels, students develop core cognitive ability of faster and deeper thinking, creative problem-solving and better analytical reasoning. In the process, they get exposed to handling pressure, interpersonal skills and develop confidence creating a high degree of enthusiasm.



Districts participated


Schools completed the test


Students appeared

Multiple stake holders Join hands

The championship has been designed as a comprehensive engagement of multiple stake holders to bring together talent and expertise in the educational space ensuring active participation to learn, share and achieve though collaboration between learners, teachers, technology.

Simultaneously, it envisions, bringing together the expertise of the academic community, competence of the corporates, reach of the government and ownership and commitment of communities for greater awareness towards ‘Technology in Education’.