Why Schools Should Start Using ICT Labs

ICTs have been proven to increase student motivation and encourage them to be more interested in their studies, which in turn makes them more active in the classroom. ICTs have also enabled the use of innovative resources and methods of learning and teaching, which makes students become more collaborative, as well as being able to learn technical knowledge more efficiently.

Schoolnet provides equitable digital access to students across socioeconomic and geographical barriers through ICT labs, resulting in improved academic performance. We provide schools with IT infrastructure, digital content, and instructors, and we operate and maintain these under long-term contracts.

A boon for the educational system

The Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India implemented the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan in 2018. Financial assistance is provided to States/UTs under Samagra Shiksha for various ICT and Digital initiatives such as the establishment of ICT labs, and smart classrooms, including support for digital boards, virtual classrooms, and DTH channels.

States can choose between a non-recurring grant of up to Rs. 6.40 lakh per school and a recurring grant of up to Rs. 2.40 lakh per school per annum for five years OR a non-recurring grant of Rs. 2.40 lakh for the smart classroom (maximum of two smart classrooms per school) and a recurring grant of Rs. 0.38 lakh. The recurring cost includes instructor support, e-content and digital resources, electricity and internet connectivity charges, and so on.

Advantages for teachers:

ICT computer labs enabled by Schoolnet are some of the most advanced and well-equipped labs in the country. An ICT lab in school has a full-time teacher and an ICT lab assistant who work with the students to help them learn more about computers, as well as to provide technical assistance when needed.

Advantages for students:

Hi-tech digital learning solutions have been implemented in the ICT lab in schools to provide a more interactive platform for students. Students are now able to manage and monitor their progress better.

The government has provided a reliable source of video and audio content to promote and improve education, particularly in rural areas. The eBasta portal has also become a reliable source of information for rural communities and has made education more accessible to all.

ICT Lab Scheme Challenges

The government’s ICT computer lab scheme has been a fantastic initiative to improve the state of education in India. There are, however, some fundamental issues that must be addressed.

Inadequate inspiration

ICT computer labs for schools are the future of not just education, but also the future of our country. These labs are used to teach students computer science, coding, and many other STEM subjects. However, there is a limited motivation to learn, due to hindrances like lack of electricity, few technical experts to teach, and out-of-date equipment used.

Overcoming the scarcity of skilled teachers

The government needs to bring in experienced ICT teachers to train the teachers. This will help with the shortage of skills and allow for a more successful experience for the students.

Schoolnet – Implementing Smart ICT Labs for schools

We had been implementing the concept of #BlendedLearning in India long before the pandemic. Yuva Unstoppable, one of our partners, has been democratising education by extending the benefits of digitalised learning to 600,000 students in the middle and bottom of the pyramid.

Smart ICT computer labs can assist schools in solving the following problems:

Smart ICT labs in school will provide the students with the tools they need to succeed in this 21st century. It is a great device that anyone with the slightest bit of knowledge in technology can operate.

Explore the possibilities

Smart ICT Labs are a great initiative toward bringing digital literacy to every citizen. ICT Computer Labs for schools are meant to provide a one-stop solution to all the student’s technological needs. If you are a decision maker in your state, you must take forward this initiative by teaching the students the basics of technology and turning them into tech-savvy citizens.

Schoolnet India is the leading provider of education technology which provides a comprehensive range of solutions to government and private schools, corporations, and adult learners. We offer innovative and scalable solutions that include digital content and pedagogy, technology, and training, making learning more personalized, self-paced, and accessible by using adaptive learning solutions such as Geneo and Englishbolo.

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