KYAN All in one Smart Class Solutions


KYAN, a feature-rich EdTech device, is the world’s first 6-in-1 interactive, affordable, user-friendly teaching learning device that has been nationally and internationally recognized by learning communities.

KYAN smart class solution is a state-of-the-art device that can be used for professional or educational purposes. It is an integrated software and hardware solution that allows for the presentation of content, provides annotation, and facilitates collaboration in a fun and engaging manner.

The innovative KYAN smart class solution was co-designed, developed, and patented by Schoolnet India Limited and IIT Bombay and commercialized by Schoolnet in 2007, has now become mainstream and has achieved significant scale, scope, and impact in education and training.

What is the KYAN?

The Integrated Community Computer, or KYAN smart class solution, is a teaching-learning aid for group learning. KYAN classes are trusted by teachers and students alike. After all, KYAN is renowned for its adaptability, multi-functionality, and sheer ease of use. It enables a teacher to design, create, and contextualize her lessons, make in-class assessments interactive and fun, and seamlessly integrate online and offline learning to achieve desired learning outcomes. Transform ordinary classes into KYAN classes.

The highlights of KYAN include:

All-in-one device – Multiple technologies are available in a single device.

Portable – Can be moved from one classroom to another.

Task completion time – less than two minutes

Simple to use – plug and play, single cable device

Safety – Lockable in a classroom cupboard for safety.

In-built Interactivity – Converts a projected screen into a virtual interactive board.

Accessibility – A large library of information with Internet access

Versatility – Suitable for outdoor events.

Future-proof – It serves as a local cloud and connects to student devices.

Our influence – 9 countries, 40,000 educational institutions, 15 million students, and 1 million educators

An innovative and worthwhile device for schools

KYAN is an Integrated Community Computer created with the integration of conventional smart class technology and multiple components.

A large-screen TV is integrated into a single compact unit. The following components must be connected separately with a Projector, Computer, Audio System, and Interactive Board.

A single cable plug-in device, it is very simple to set up. Its multiple cables are required to connect all three components with separate power supplies.

Its wireless keyboard and mouse can be carried anywhere in the classroom for students to use. Students get an opportunity for Experiential Learning as they must either come to the desktop or touch the mouse.

The size of the interactive whiteboards in KYAN classes can go up to 300 inches diagonally. This makes the use of the KYAN device very flexible in classrooms.

Making the learning experience better for students

The total Cost of Ownership for a single KYAN device is many times lower than multiple devices when calculated over its entire life cycle.

KYAN smart class solution is an excellent tool for any school or corporate learning center to help students that are seeking to learn and grow.

KYAN classes have been a huge success in helping a lot of students in their primary and adult education. Vocational education and training help them become more independent and financially stable. This includes Enterprise Skill Development and Computer and Internet literacy.

Through this educational medium, schools can also project television programs and movies to enrich the learning experience. A great deal of cultural exchange and entertainment is carried out through KYAN.

Content from Geneo for School

Schoolnet India Limited has developed the content from Geneo for School, a technology-driven academic support system that helps teachers create a more engaging classroom environment for the students. Geneo can be used by teachers and students on the go, on their personal devices.


Geneo for School is a holistic learning experience in which students come together in a classroom and interact with each other in a more hands-on way. The content has been designed in such a way that they get to learn in a more immersive way which makes them work together to develop and grow as individuals.

Thoughtfully Created Content of Geneo for School

Geneo for school has approximately 3700 learning units for grades K-12 that are aligned with the NCERT curriculum. It includes English Grammar, EVS, Science, Mathematics, Hindi, and Social Sciences (History, Geography, and Civics) for grades K–10 and subjects for the Science, Commerce, and Arts streams 11–12.

The content includes multimedia lessons, science videos, “exploriments”, teaching resources, a question paper bank, and rhymes and stories for younger students. Schoolnet aims to establish an education system that allows every student an opportunity to thrive, particularly those from low-income families or who reside in distant places. We think that every learner, regardless of background or location, deserves a good education. We are dedicated to ensuring that every learner has the chance to fulfill their full potential.

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