Significance of integrating in-school and after-school education

Schoolnet, an EdTech service provider, offers an ideal opportunity for students to access a wide range of activities that are tailored to their needs and interests. With interesting learning tools for both schools and students at home, Schoolnet believes that learning occurs at multiple sites. The core values of Schoolnet are to leverage technology to ensure that every learner has access to quality education, anywhere and anytime. Thus, synchronising in-school and after-school education becomes key. Through Schoolnet schools and students can collaborate on projects, and work on challenges that stimulate their curiosity and creativity. The platform also offers online forums where students can engage in meaningful conversations and receive feedback from experienced professionals. 

Schoolnet follows a unique ‘phygital’ approach combining the benefits of traditional learning with online learning to create a blended ecosystem, which can truly bring in technology-enabled adoption and personalization of education at scale, especially for the MBOP segment. 

It comprises the following elements:

(a) In-School Solutions: Digital Classrooms (Geneo School): These are solutions for the digitalization of the classroom environment and improving the efficiency of teaching-learning, comprising the patented, “6-in-one” interactive, affordable, easy-to-use, intelligent device, “K-Yan” along with Google’s Chromebooks as students’ shareable learning devices, bundled with grade-specific multisensory, curriculum-aligned content. It also comes with a Teaching and Learning Management System with analytics, teacher training, and related change management support services. The solutions come in three ways: 

(i) Desktop-led Solution (ICT@Schools): Schoolnet provides services to schools for setting up of computer labs including IT infrastructure, digital content, providing an IT instructor as well as operating and maintaining the same under PPP contracts for 5 years.

(ii) K-Yan-Centric Solution: A digital classroom solution combining K-Yan®, multi-media content for classes K-12, innovative experiments, training of teachers on technology, digital pedagogy, and other value-added services. Schoolnet has developed thousands of learning units that is interactive, simulate lab environments, and boost engagement.

(iii) Chromebook-led Solution: Schoolnet also offers Chromebooks with K-Yan, including Google’s applications for education, with all services. This makes the classroom connected in nature, allowing students to use personal/shared devices in the classroom.

  1. After School Solution: Schoolnet’s unique after-school personalised and synchronised learning platform is called Geneo. It aims to facilitate individualized and synchronized learning for every child to ensure achievement of grade-specific learning outcomes.
    It is an AI-powered, flexible, and affordable online learning platform available both in-school and after-school.  Geneo uses the digitised version of the school’s textbook, with a wide variety of multisensory content mapped to the school curriculum. With continuous assessments, students can assess their progress and current state, and thereafter chart a unique learning path to achieve the desired state. It also comes along with the support teachers/mentor, available through live classes and chat. It is currently available for Classes VI-X in English and Hindi for CBSE, and in Bengali for West Bengal Board students. 

Mentorship to motivate students

Providing mentorship opportunities to teachers to strengthen their abilities to integrate in-school and after-school education is essential. For instance, a ‘flipped classroom’ will encourage students to learn at home, allowing teachers to focus on building 21st century skills in class. Students will thus create links between what is being studied at home and connect them to real-world applications, incorporated with skills such as creativity, communication, critical thinking, and curiosity. Having an adult role model who is passionate about their chosen field can help to inspire students and give them the confidence to pursue their own interests. 

Furthermore, teachers need to provide an environment that fosters psychological needs, such as self-determination. This entails creating a classroom culture that respects and values the students’ autonomy and encourages them to take initiative and ownership in their learning. It is also important to create a safe and supportive environment, where students are able to take risks and make mistakes without fear of ridicule or judgement. In this way, the students can become more confident and independent learners.

Schoolnet India Limited also provides Teachers Training Programme that will help interested teachers to integrate in-school and after-school education.

The framework to synchronise in-school and after-school education

When it comes to coordinating in-school and after-school education, social-contextual elements must be taken into consideration. This involves examining classroom interactions and the educational experience itself. Schoolnet India Limited (SIL) has made this process easier with the introduction of virtual classes, AI-enabled apps like Geneo and Englishbolo, a wealth of resources in K-Yan, with the ability of using analytics to track progress. Furthermore, the opening of physical centres that use EdTech inside the classroom is ensuring greater access to high-quality education. 

Synchronising In-school and after-school education program

In today’s digital world, after-school programmes such as those provided by Schoolnet India Limited are becoming increasingly popular. Such programmes have been proven to be an effective way for students to gain an advantage in their education, as well as for schools to provide an additional level of support for their students.

In order to ensure that these Schoolnet classes and services are accessible to all students, parents and educational institutions must work together to provide equal access to such online programmes. This may include providing transportation to the event or providing incentives to promote attendance. Additionally, parents should be encouraged to attend the programmes themselves, to provide the necessary guidance and support needed for their children to gain the most benefit.

Ultimately, , parents and educational institutions can ensure that all students can benefit from the experiences and knowledge gained through these innovative programmes, both in-school and after-school Moreover, such initiatives can help to create a stronger, more confident and well-informed generation of students, better prepared to take on the challenges of the future. Do log in to Schoolnet India Limited today to explore the world of learning opportunities. 

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