Interactive Projectors vs. Smartboard – Which is Better?

There are countless reasons why digital technology is a boon to the education sector. Not only does it make learning more interactive, but it also opens a world of new possibilities when it comes to communicating with students and parents. Within the education sector, we are always looking for ways to improve and innovate, and digital technology is the perfect way to achieve this, given its growing popularity. . SMARTboards and interactive projectors like KYAN are just a few examples of how digital technology is making learning more engaging and interactive than ever before. These tools not only make it easier to teach, but they also make it easier for students to learn.

What is a smart board?

A SMART board is a large touch-sensitive whiteboard that you use with a projector. The whiteboard is interactive and allows users to touch their surfaces to access software such as Internet browsers, email programs, word processors, and multimedia programs. By using hand gestures, you can rotate objects on the screen, scroll through pages and perform zoom functions. To use a SMART board, you connect the interactive displays to a computer installed with the appropriate software, which then allows you to print, save or email your presentation.

What is a Projector?

Interactive projectors are a technology used in everything from schools to boardrooms to auditoriums. They are used to display video and images, and even provide information on screens. Projectors like k yan provide visual presentations to groups, and they can also be used in video and film projection. They’re a great way to present ideas and are very effective pieces of equipment for any organization to have in its arsenal.

Which technology works best for you?

Technology is a key driving force in school administration these days. It’s also a key ingredient in the success of many schools. This is especially true for schools that want to be faster, more agile, and more secure than their competition. In order to reach these goals, schools must select the technologies that are not only appropriate for the students but also best fit their growth strategies and brand values.

When comparing standard smart boards and interactive projectors, it becomes necessary to decide which one will better suit your school’s needs. To make the best choice, it is important to consider several factors.


Before you buy an interactive projector or SMARTboard, compare the resolution offered by each. An interactive projector has a greater resolution than a SMARTboard, which may help ensure that your students’ viewing needs are being met.

Screen size:

Interactive projectors like KYAN have large displays, whereas smart boards with projectors have smaller screen aspect ratios.

Use of a computer:

Interactive projectors can be used with or without a computer, while smart boards must be used with a computer.

Software programs:

Most interactive projectors come with basic software that is easy to use and upgrade. The software is usually user-friendly, making it a great option for those who are looking for an affordable and practical solution.

A SMARTboard usually comes with its own custom-designed software program.

Writing tools:

With a SMARTboard, you and your students can use special pens or even your fingers to write and annotate on the board. You don’t have to rely on other objects in the classroom when it comes to interactive projectors.


Only the most modern SMARTboard versions are intended to support up to 20 simultaneous interactions. Most SMARTboards will only respond to one writing device at a time, making cooperation difficult.

Interactive projectors effectively show collaborative teamwork done on paper, making it a more inclusive and productive method to collaborate.

Requirement for training:

Interactive projectors are more user-friendly than SMARTboards because SMARTboards require users to learn specific software programs.


An interactive projector system typically comes with a longer warranty than a SMARTboard, which should be considered before making an investment.


When considering which type of interactive whiteboard to purchase for your classroom, it is important to consider the price difference between SMARTboards and other options. SMARTboards tend to be more expensive due to the additional features they offer, but these features may be worth the extra cost depending on your budget and needs. Interactive projectors are quite pocket-friendly.

One of the best interactive projectors – KYAN

KYAN is an all-in-one portable EdTech device designed to make teaching and learning rich, engaging, and efficient.

The robust features of KYAN’s projector assist instructors in creating extremely engaging and exciting learning experiences that convert classrooms into bright, dynamic, and creative learning environments.

KYAN’s projector is trusted by instructors for its adaptability, multi-functionality, and plain ease of use. It enables a teacher to plan, produce, and contextualize her courses, makes in-class evaluations engaging and entertaining, and seamlessly combines online and offline learning to accomplish desired learning outcomes.

KYAN Smart class – An interactive and engaging learning model

KYAN is an all–in–one, portable, easy-to-use, plug-and-play device that converts any wall into an interactive surface. This turns a traditional class into a KYAN smart class. In a lab setup, it becomes a teacher’s device and acts as a local server for students’ Chromebooks. This allows students to interact with their material in a more engaging and effective way.

KYAN smart class is a holistic solution towards providing an interactive learning environment in the school. The solution has been designed with a teacher-centric approach. All components of the platform, be it technology, or content, have been devised to facilitate the teacher to make the entire learning experience magical in the KYAN Smart class. The KYAN  projector is a great option for those looking to get the most out of their digital learning resources. It’s affordable and easy to use, making it a great choice for anyone looking to improve their learning experience.

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