K-Yan Smart Class Training – A revolution in education in India

For decades, learning has been a one-dimensional process. It has been streamlined to be purely functional.

In the past few years, the voices demanding a change in the status quo are getting louder. They became especially vociferous during the beginning of the pandemic, when concerned parents were not willing to compromise on their child’s development.

Addressing these concerns is Schoolnet India Limited, a leading EdTech service provider in India. Schoolnet was born out of an inspiration to spread the light of knowledge for those at the middle and bottom of the economic pyramid in our society.

Learners as the makers of meaning and knowledge

At Schoolnet, we are achieving this by bringing in aspects of the constructivist theory and blended approaches. In constructivist teaching, the student is learning as an active participant, involved in the process of meaning and knowledge construction. This is contrary to classroom learning, where the student learns passively while receiving information.

By employing constructivist teaching, we are enabling the teachers to be interactive and student-centered. The teachers facilitate a process of learning in which students are encouraged to be responsible and autonomous.

At Schoolnet, we are improving our students’ critical thinking, analyzing and problem-solving skills, knowledge construction, and collaborative working, through variety of learning strategies and ICT support tools.

K-Yan – An innovation in education

Schoolnet partnered with IIT Bombay and designed and developed the world’s first teaching-learning device or community computer called K-Yan (K: Knowledge, Yan: Vehicle in Sanskrit).

K-Yan smart class is a result of Schoolnet’s effort to bring wide-ranging content together – multimedia, animation-based, simulation-based, among others. It is powered with curriculum aligned and curated K-12 solutions.

K-Yan combines the functionality of a computer, a projector, high luminosity projector, in-built speakers, a 500 GB HDD, Internet, video conferencing, a wireless keyboard, a mouse and more into a single interactive device. A feature-laden yet simple device, it ensures that classrooms are transformed into exciting centres of learning. Its portability ensures easy loading of content and moving from place to place, to transform classrooms into vibrant and digitally-led learning environments.

In sum, K-Yan smart class is an all–in–one, portable, easy to use, plug and play device which converts any wall into an interactive surface. In a lab set up, it becomes a teacher’s device and acts as a local server for students’ Chromebooks.

Integrated Teaching Device (K-YAN Smart Class) also helps teachers to make real time changes on the projected image, truly defining a “Portable Interactive board.”


All-in-One Device: Combining the functionality of many technologies into a single unit

Large Screen Display: Enabling delivery of multimedia educational content

Simplicity: Compact and Easy-to-use

Internet-ready device: Integrated Teaching Device connected to the net

Schoolnet has tie-ups with the governments of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and West Bengal, to digitise government schools with the multi-fold benefits of the high-tech K-Yan.

Having trained thousands of teachers of government and private schools in the use of K-Yan smart class, Schoolnet offers a stack of educational content of K-12 solutions and assessments including continuous handholding of teachers for three to five years.

Today, Schoolnet has a presence across 1,00,000 schools in India and the numbers keep on growing.

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