Why Smart Boards are beneficial in the classroom

By providing an interactive and collaborative learning environment, smartboards have aided in the transformation of classrooms into active learning environments. Interactive, collaborative, and online solutions are the benefits of a smart board for a school smart classroom. An interactive whiteboard in many schools has replaced the overhead projector. Smart Board technology in the classroom can improve the understanding of your curriculum by making a dull lesson into an exciting, interactive experience. Smart boards are an excellent addition to KYAN Smart Class. Students learn from a combination of a computer, a projector, and other features such as an audio system, video conferencing, etc. into a single interactive device in a KYAN-enabled class.

14 Advantages of Using a Smart board in the Classroom

Here are the benefits of a smart board for classrooms that help teachers teach more effectively:

1. It is simple, easy, and inexpensive.

Anyone, regardless of the size of their school, institution, training centre, or coaching centre, can set up and deliver interactive, collaborative, and online education with an interactive dmart board for a classroom. Furthermore, smart boards are simple to use and require little to very less maintenance.

2. A solution to the teacher’s problems

In schools, smart classrooms with smart boards help teachers deliver the best quality education to their students.

3. Interactive teaching tools

With the help of a digital board for classrooms, audio, video, graphics, charts, and graphs are all intelligently integrated on a single platform.

4. Smooth controls

The smart board operates smoothly thanks to multiple controls. An interactive smart board is a simple and easy-to-use tool for teaching a variety of subjects such as math, science, and English.

5. Smart boards turn ordinary classrooms into active learning centres.

The large screen of the smart board can display an infinite number of visual elements, which will benefit visual learners. For auditory learners, you can use your digital board in the classroom to play music, films, podcasts, and other sound-producing instructional tools.

The smart board’s touch screen provides a fun and interactive way for students to complete courses and stay engaged. Multiple students can use the board at the same time.

6. Improved student motivation and engagement

Students learn best when they are fully engaged, and hands-on learning is one of the best ways to do so. Furthermore, a school smart classroom with smart boards enhances a student’s learning experience by allowing them to see diagrams, charts, videos, and maps on a large screen in front of them in real-time.

7. Promotes retention and growth of concepts taught

Interactive smart boards make learning more enjoyable by incorporating visual components. Students are better able to absorb the concepts being taught because the classes are audio-visual. This is one of the biggest benefits of the smart board for classrooms

8. Teach larger groups of children with ease.

With a smart board, you can teach a large group of children without worrying about their attention span. Students enjoy visual learning, which will eventually draw them to the lessons.

9. Using a Learner-Centred Approach to Teaching

Teachers can use a smart board for the classroom to project a video, picture, website, game, or learning tool on the screen to supplement daily lessons. By utilising a variety of educational databases and tools, Smartboards make the teaching process easier by providing teachers with access to a variety of digital resources.

10. An Eco-friendly Teaching Method

A digital board for the classroom can be used to reduce the use of chalk and markers, as well as paper.

11. Access Previous Notes

A teacher cleans the blackboard at the end of the day to erase the day’s lessons. Each lesson on a Smart Board can be saved so that it can be accessed or shared at any time.

12. Students Enjoy High Success Rates

To name a few advantages, using a smart board in the classroom has been shown to improve test results, student learning, reading, attentiveness, and comprehension. The most significant benefit that teachers report seeing in Smart Board-equipped classrooms is increased student engagement.

13. Increase students’ participation

Smart boards are great for collaborative learning, as students can draw and write on the same board. This encourages creativity. Teachers can also let students work on the same board, so everyone can work together to create something unique.

14. Personalised Learning

A smart board can enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. It provides teachers with the ability to create a personalised learning environment that promotes mental and physical growth by allowing students to engage more interestingly and interactively. Furthermore, smart boards are equipped with cutting-edge virtual and smart teaching techniques that give teachers the freedom to choose the best possible approach to complement what is learnt in the classroom.

Make your classroom a Smart Class today.

A smart board and KYAN modernise a traditional classroom into a KYAN Smart class. All of its features are supported by a wide range of apps, providing your students with an exceptional learning experience. The KYAN, designed at IIT Bombay, combines a high-tech projector with a PC, a DVD writer, a TV tuner, built-in speakers, a 500 GB HDD, 3G Internet, a wireless keyboard and a mouse – all in one box.

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