The Future of KYAN Smart Classes

Current Digital Transformation in Education

A student’s ability to learn online has wide-reaching consequences on the future of education. This has increased the education system’s flexibility and responsiveness to change.

The education system adapting to innovative technologies has brought a new level of convenience to students and parents. Courses can be taken online or through mobile applications, allowing students to learn wherever and whenever they have the time. With the digital divide being bridged,  education is becoming more accessible to people in various  locations and from differing socioeconomic backgrounds. One of the biggest changes to education since the introduction of technology has been the ability to access education through smart classrooms.

What are the Advantages of Smart Classroom?

In the coming years, schools across India will turn their classroom into smart classrooms by adopting the state-of-the-art technology. Today, several schools have at least basic digital learning solutions, with many featuring a simple smart board for teaching. A lot of renowned schools offer KYAN-powered classes too, thus raising the standard of learning to a higher plane.

Pioneers in Smart Classroom Education

Schoolnet collaborated with IIT Bombay to create and build KYAN, the world’s first teaching-learning device or community computer (K: Knowledge, Yan: Vehicle in Sanskrit).

KYAN is an interactive device that combines the capabilities of a computer, a projector, and additional functions such as an audio system, video conferencing, and so on. KYAN smart class is an upgrade to a basic smart class.

KYAN class for Interactive Learning 

Interactive digital learning solutions seen especially in a KYAN class increases student engagement, offering a whole host of benefits: greater attention, increased comprehension, improved test scores, and stronger literacy.

This is where technologies like KYAN and smart boards for classrooms offer students a fruitful learning experience. KYAN offers over 10,000 2D/3D learning units of multimedia animations, assessments, simulations, interactive virtual experiments, practice sheets and science videos that are mapped to the Indian school K–12 syllabus. KYAN smart class is the best that a school can offer to its students.

Smart boards for classrooms are a better way for teachers to teach and save your work for future use. Using a stylus pen or your finger, they can draw, highlight, or interact with elements via the board’s touchscreen surface. 

Digitising Schools with KYAN smart class

Schoolnet takes a ‘phygital’ approach, combining the advantages of conventional and online learning to create a blended environment. The goal is to build up technology-enabled adoption and personalization of education. Offering KYAN smart class is one of the best efforts in that direction.

Schoolnet has achieved this across the government and commercial sector, with teacher training and material, and created a footprint in 40,000 schools impacting 15 million learners and 0.5 million teachers over the last two decades. In addition, it claims access to more than 60,000 schools to equip students with digital learning solutions.

Amid the pandemic, Schoolnet claims to have trained over 110,000 teachers in digital pedagogy and helped more than 700,000 students continue their learning while schools were closed, through Live Classes on Geneo, KYAN class and other digital initiatives.

The Future of Education are Smart Classrooms

We are growing digitally and smart classrooms will certainly be the future of education. In the future, Smart classrooms will even offer augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. It all comes down to what technological resources we have in hand and how we can use to them to make a smart environment.

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