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Learning is not an automatic process. It requires the learner to be engaged with what they’re learning.  Only this can make the learning process exciting.

This is where digital learning solutions for schools step in. It has been successful due to the far and the wide reach of the internet in India.

Today, EdTech service providers are transforming the educational ecosystem with accessible and affordable quality education by leveraging technology. They are offering comprehensive learning solutions for a wide spectrum of age groups in schools.

Various government and private schools across India, who didn’t look beyond traditional learning models, were amazed at the prospects that digital learning solutions for schools bring. They were amazed by the innovation and the personalized approach. Today, digital content for schools is being adopted by more and more educational institutions as a part of their teaching process. EdTech companies are delivering innovative and scalable solutions to government and private schools across India for improving the quality of K-12 education.

New-age learning solutions – Geneo

The solutions provided by EdTech companies combine technology, interactivity, digital content, pedagogy and training. Adaptive learning solutions like Geneo are making learning personalized, self-paced and more accessible.

Geneo is a strategically designed digital learning solution for schools that is woven into the traditional teaching system to enrich the students’ learning experience.

The Geneo Platform components work together seamlessly with the digital content for schools to turn traditional classes into smart classes. This is because the platform is designed to complement traditional school teachings with digital solutions and world-class support.

Digital content for smart classes

Geneo provides curated learning content specific to each school grade starting from class 5 up to 10. All learning content within Geneo is mapped chapter-wise to the NCERT textbook, so that students can follow the same curriculum as being taught in school. This promotes better overall learning and creates stronger conceptual foundation.

In addition, Geneo offers an AI-driven learning experience that is unique to every child. This helps the child to focus on conceptual learning with tailored topic recommendations to ensure maximum engagement and retention for each learner.

With Geneo, students learn at an individualized pace, guided by effective teachers. The NCERT answers that were thoughtfully prepared following the CBSE curriculum encourages even the most reluctant children to become interested in the subjects.

Its innovative, teacher-led and audio-video study materials enable the students to enhance their working memory, cognitive flexibility and improve their proficiency in various subjects in the CBSE syllabus.

Moreover, care has been taken to assist children in enhancing their engagement by facilitating deeper thinking and analysis through digital learning solutions for schools.

Geneo’s digital content for smart classes offer a user-friendly environment where teachers and students can express their doubts or concerns and exchange thoughts and ideas.

As EdTech companies continue to invest in digital content for schools that will ensure high levels of learning, the future will witness increased usage of digital content for smart classes.

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