How to Learn Speaking in English Quickly and Effectively

One of the world’s most widely spoken and taught languages is English. Business sectors like science, medicine, aviation, computers, garments, fuels and tourism all use the English language as the mode of communication. Finally, it is also the language of international communication, media, and the internet.

Now, if you need to learn English quickly, what are some of the most interesting ways to succeed?

In this guide, we’ve compiled a step-by-step breakdown of the techniques that may deliver quick results:

  1. Start speaking from today
  2. Speaking activities are a must
  3. Read more often
  4. Make yourself accountable
  5. Do not be distracted by grammar at first
  6. Learn useful sentences by heart 
  7. Learn by singing
  8. Watch TV programs
  9. Listen to native English speakers speak
  10. Learn with a community of language learners
  11. Keep your personal goal in mind

Start speaking from today

The best time to learn English is now, now, now! If you are serious about learning to speak English quickly, the evidence is clear: having regular conversations with a fluent speaker is pretty much the only way.

Imagine you are talking to a native speaker of the language you want to learn. Imagine that you are talking to them about something you are passionate about. What would you say? Say that. Say anything. Say anything that comes to mind! The sooner you can overcome your shyness in testing out your language skills out loud, the sooner you will become a confident speaker.

Speaking activities are a must

Speaking activities help you expand vocabulary, improve listening comprehension, improve grammar skills, and help you to talk more confidently.

All of these skills put together will help you learn English by speaking. Go ahead and flaunt your English-speaking practice with your family, relatives and friends.

Read more often

Reading is one of the easiest ways to learn new words! Many people often forget that reading is a great way to improve your vocabulary – after all, the context of articles, stories, and conversations helps you figure out and understand the meaning of English words in the text that are new to you. Not only does reading help you figure out new English words, but it also provides the repetition of vocabulary words you have already learned to help you remember them.

Make yourself accountable

To learn a new language quickly, it’s important to practise often. But simply promising to spend extra time working on your language skills isn’t enough. You must find a way to ensure that you will practise even when other priorities in life get in the way.

Making yourself accountable may be as simple as setting an alarm on your phone to remind you to do some learning at a certain time every day, such as when you get home from work if you have strong willpower.

Do not be distracted by grammar at first

If you want to be fluent in English, however, you should make an effort to learn English without focusing too much on grammar.

To become fluent, you must be able to speak without thinking too much about the right words or sentence structure. If you try to translate what you want to say from your native language into English, as many people do, you will become slow and hesitant.

Learn useful sentences by heart 

Memorizing whole sentences can be an incredibly beneficial way to learn English words.

When you learn sentences in their original language, it becomes much easier for you to learn new vocabulary. You’ll also get to understand why certain phrases would elicit certain reactions from native speakers. This technique works particularly well if you are learning with online tutors.  Ask your tutor to help you come up with sentences relevant to your personal learning goals.

Learn by singing

Music is a friendly and approachable way to learn a second language. It can help make learning a new language less challenging and easier to remember. And it feels great! Music brings people together and broadens people’s vocabularies.

Watch TV programs

Have you ever tried to learn to speak English by watching TV programs? Watching sitcoms like Friends, How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family can be beneficial. These TV shows can help you improve your speaking skills and also your listening skills. If you want to learn to speak English, try watching TV programs and make sure to watch the news every day as well.

Listen to native English speakers speak

Did you know that there is one easy tip that will make you sound like a native speaker of English? It’s true! If you want to hear how English is spoken by native speakers, you should pay attention to the way they speak. Not only will this help you to speak more like a native speaker, but it will also help you to improve your English. It’s a win-win situation!

Learn with a community of language learners

Join a community of learners! You can discuss grammar, practice speaking, and find people to practice with. You can also improve your reading and writing skills by reading the different articles written by English learners.

Keep your personal goal in mind

There is no easy way around it: learning English fast will take serious effort. Learning a language is a lot like working out. If you want to get in shape, you have to work out. Similarly, you will need to have a motivation that sets your heart on fire.

When you have identified your goal, you can make sure that all of your efforts take you another step towards it. If you’re learning English for work, you might like to focus on words and phrases relevant to your needs.

Go ahead and practice speaking in English in a variety of ways. Remember to keep it fun and relevant and do it regularly to reach your goal of speaking fluent English.

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