EdTech Companies: Top 12 EdTech Products in India by Leading Companies in 2024

In 2020, India’s Edtech industry was valued at over $2 billion, with a whopping 4500 startups shaping the digital education landscape for millions of students. By 2025, India will have USD 10.4 million net worth in the edtech companies industry. As India remains a hotspot for foreign investment in startups, Edtech firms are drawing attention from global investors with innovative learning solutions to keep the education more engaging and interactive. This also is a bright spot for global investors keen on tapping into the nation’s growing economy.

In this piece, we delve into the leading 9 Edtech enterprises and their products in India for 2024. We will also discuss some factors that are contributing to the rise of the industry as a whole.

Demand for EdTech Companies in India: What is Driving it?

Education has always been a strong element in Indian families and society. With an education system spanning thousands of years, it is natural for Indian families to latch on to and show a preference for newer models of learning and education. 

A burgeoning middle-class population with access to cheap and affordable digital and tech infrastructure (smartphones and internet connectivity) has created a favorable ground for Edtech companies to flourish in the country. 

However, experts are of the opinion that the Coronavirus Pandemic and its effect on compromised learning in schools is what has made the industry literally explode overnight. 

Most parents are seeing how traditional schools have been slow to adapt themselves to online channels of learning and make the transition. As these EdTech Companies in India already had their infrastructure in place, they were able to provide an alternative to parents worried about their kids missing studies and falling behind others.

1. Geneo


Founded in: 1997

Geneo: edtech companies

Schoolnet India’s digital classroom solution Geneo, aims to revolutionize traditional teaching methods by integrating digital technology into the learning environment. Their offerings include Geneo for School, which provides schools with AI-powered student apps, curriculum-aligned interactive content, integrated teaching devices, a learning management system, and teacher training. These solutions are designed to make teaching more engaging and learning more exciting, with a focus on creating smarter learning spaces that are accessible across India.

2. Ei Mindspark


Founded in: 2001

Mindspark: edtech companies

Ei Mindspark is an adaptive learning platform designed to offer personalized education paths for students in subjects like Mathematics, English, and Science for various classes. It emphasizes a granular approach to concepts, empowering students to take charge of their learning through immediate feedback and tailored instruction. Ei Mindspark utilizes AI, deep learning, and data analytics to create a unique educational journey for each student, recognized and endorsed by educational researchers and economists for its impact on learning.

3. Next Education


Founded in: 2007

next education: edtech companies

Next Education, a premier K-12 B2B EdTech enterprise in India, delivers holistic solutions to enrich the learning journey. With integrated learning management systems, interactive content, customizable digital classrooms, and robust assessment tools, they streamline teaching methods, enhance student engagement, and create personalized learning spaces, addressing the varied needs of educational institutions nationwide

4. Extramarks Smart Class Plus


Founded in: 2007

extra marks: edtech companies

Extramarks Smart Class Plus offers a digital solution aimed at transforming traditional educational methods in classrooms and beyond. It provides interactive digital content across all subjects and grades, supporting multiple educational boards with game-based learning and assessments designed for both virtual and in-person environments. This platform is tailored to the New Education Policy, offering real-time curriculum updates, offline assessment capabilities, and detailed performance insights.



Founded in: 2011

byjus: edtech companies

BYJU’S is an online learning platform offering comprehensive educational programs for students across various grade levels, including K3, K10, K12, as well as for competitive exams like NEET, JEE, UPSC, and Bank Exams. It features an extensive range of study materials, NCERT solutions, and preparation resources tailored to the Indian educational curriculum, aiming to enhance the learning experience through interactive and engaging content.

6. Unacademy


Founded in: 2011

unacademy: edtech companies

Unacademy is a popular learning platform, offering structured courses across over 60 exam categories for students and professionals. It provides access to more than 14,000 educators, delivering daily live classes, with features like interactive quizzes, practice sections, and personalized learning paths. The platform emphasizes a comprehensive learning experience with over 1 million video lessons, aiming to democratize education by making it accessible and engaging for learners across the country.

7. Vedantu


Founded in: 2011

vedantu: edtech companies

Vedantu is an interactive online tutoring platform that offers a wide range of courses for students across different grades, including those preparing for competitive exams like CBSE, ICSE, JEE, and NEET. It features live classes, personalized teaching, and free study materials, aiming to provide a comprehensive learning experience that fosters deeper understanding and conceptual clarity in subjects such as Maths, Science, and English.

8. Doubtnut


Founded in: 2016

doubtnut: edtech companies

Doubtnut is an Indian educational technology platform that leverages image recognition technologies to provide instant video solutions to academic doubts in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and other subjects for students. Founded by Tanushree Nagori and Aditya Shankar in 2016, it aims at simplifying learning by allowing users to upload an image of a question, which is then matched against a vast database of pre-answered questions by in-house experts. The platform is recognized for its extensive video library, covering solutions for various competitive exams like IIT JEE and NEET, and offers its resources in multiple regional languages. 

9. Teachmint Learning Management System (LMS) 


Founded in: 2020

teachmint: edtech companies

Teachmint offers a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) designed to digitize educational institutions, making teaching and learning more interactive, engaging, and efficient. Their platform provides a range of features including smart class experiences and recording, digital whiteboards, homework and test creation, private and classroom chats, as well as detailed analytics and dashboards for performance tracking. 

10. Infinity Learn


Founded in: 2021

infinity learn: edtech companies

Infinity Learn, an educational platform tailored for grades 1 to 12 and competitive exam aspirants like JEE and NEET, offers a mix of free and premium resources. With interactive video lessons, personalized learning paths, and practice tests, it champions a student-centered learning model, striving to render education accessible, captivating, and impactful through technology.


The array of EdTech products showcased here spans from personalized adaptive learning platforms to comprehensive learning management systems. Each one underscores a dedication to utilizing technology for enhancing teaching methods, boosting student engagement, and fostering personalized learning experiences.

As India’s startup ecosystem garners increasing investment, EdTech companies persist as pioneers of innovation, catalyzing positive transformations in education. With ongoing backing from investors, educators, and policymakers, the future of EdTech in India appears promising, brimming with opportunities for further growth and impact.

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