Closing the Educational Gap

The youngest of six daughters in her family, Seema saw all her elder siblings get married before completing schooling, but she dares to be different. She had dropped out of school in the 5th standard but wishes to complete her education and skill development. In this pursuit, she enrolled in the Bridge Education Program under Project Tejaswini.

She regularly attends the Bridge Education course at Tand Balidih Panchayat Bhavan, Bokaro being implemented by Schoolnet India Ltd – the Education Service Provider for the Project Tejaswini, Government of Jharkhand. With a three-year gap in her schooling, Seema had forgotten how to read and write, felt inadequate and wondered whether she was a right fit for the Bridge Education course when she joined. Under the able and supportive guidance of the Schoolnet’s trained Bridge Educators – Ms. Neha Kumari, Mr. Ajit Kumar and Mr. Pramod Kumar – Seema soon regained her confidence and is picking up on studies very fast. She has become the inspiration for other adolescent girls and young women attending the Bridge Education centre.

Seema’s determination is evident in her voice, in the way her eyes brighten up and in the confident smile on her face when she says,

“Pahale toa mere kuch bhi sapane nahi the, lekin ab, yaha aane ke baad hame lagata hai ki hame kuch karna hai aur hausala hai ki hum jarur kuch kar ke dikhayenge.”“Before (participating in Tejaswini Project) I didn’t think of my future much, but now, after attending Bridge Education classes, I feel I want to do something (in life) and I am confident I will certainly accomplish something!” At Schoolnet, we take pride in the everyday successes of the adolescent girls and young women we reach out to and the efforts of our Bridge Educators in helping them bridge the educational gap!

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