A Group Learning Solution to make Classrooms more Engaging

K-Class, is a holistic technology led solution for group learning that helps teachers create rich learning environments in order to make learning more interactive and stimulating for students. It is centered around the K-Yan – our proprietary edtech device - bundled with curriculum aligned digital content,and supported by training of teachers on digital pedagogy.

K-Class Benefits

  • For teachers: Transforms the learning experience with which they engage the students
  • For schools: Helps create and nurture the most conducive and stimulating learning environment that attracts the best teachers and students
  • For students: Inculcates a creative approach towards learning, shapes their way of thinking and thereby ensures achievement of learning outcomes
K-Class at a Glance


K-Yan is the World’s first “6-in-one” interactive, affordable, easy to use, teaching learning platform. It works as an integrated solution that combines the power of a computer with a high-resolution large-format projection-screen. The K-Yan uses Digital Light Projection (DLP) technology to display vibrant images on any surface, even in bright environments like classrooms or work areas with natural light.

Learning Content

K-Class is powered with curriculum aligned and curated learning content for K-12, stored and made available through the K-Yan. It is a wonderful mix of

  • Curriculum-mapped 2D & 3D Multimedia Modules
  • Science Videos: Videos on Science experiments that can be universally mapped to Science curricula
  • Exploriments

Assessments Worksheets

The K-Class Content Bank includes an enormous repository of worksheets and interactive assessments. Each learning unit helps the teacher to assess her students’ understanding of a lesson and enables her to undertake remedial action.

Teacher Training

Training and handholding of teachers on digital pedagogy and IT skills.

K-Class Experience

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