What are digital school technology tools for the classroom?

Digital technology tools for the classroom

Are you a teacher or course creator looking to improve the learning experience in your digital classrooms? If so, digital classroom tools can help. In fact, 95% of online teachers use various digital tools to improve the teaching experience. The good news is that advances in technology have made it easier than ever to broadcast digital content for schools.

There are a lot of digital learning tools out there. From learning management systems to apps to software, these tools can help a digital school in India to create a better, more integrated learning experience.

Numerous tools, programs, and platforms that provide interaction, coordination, and digital content for schools are available. Social media, online games, multimedia, and mobile applications may all be used by teachers and students to interact. Programs and platforms for editing digital information, such as Office 365 and Google Suite, facilitate collaboration and resource sharing. Digital technology may be used to blend text, images, music, and video to create immersive experiences. Airtame devices, iPads, and Chromebooks are some teaching aids for digital schools in India.

Important examples of digital technology tools used to support learning

Educational technology continues to advance and improve how we learn. These tools are utilized to give pupils an immersive learning environment and provide individualized instruction. Several of these innovations in education are given below:

Learning software and applications for digital school in India

Microsoft Office 365

These cloud collaboration tools may build a feature-rich, digital classroom for the twenty-first century that can be accessed on Windows, Apple, Android, and Chromebook devices. Outlook for students, OneDrive, Office, PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel, Teams, Forms, and Sway are all part of Office 365.

Google Apps for Education

Gmail for students, Drive, the Google suite (docs, sheets, presentations, and calendar), Google Classroom, Forms, and Hangouts are all part of Google Apps.


Curriculum Aligned Interactive Content: A prominent EdTech service provider in India, Schoolnet India Limited offers a variety of cutting-edge services and digital content for schools that make high-quality education accessible to all.

Technology-assisted, activity-based, tailored material that improves learning and interaction is essential for the growth of our country’s future leaders. We comprehend the need to flexibly study, the necessity of remaining up to date on education technology, and the significance of a well-balanced combination of both. We also recognize that while our digital solutions provide distinctive, tailored, and adaptable teaching and learning experiences, and the human connection continues to be of utmost importance.


A Connected Ecosystem For Schools, Teachers, And Students: The strong features of the Geneo for School offering are freely accessible to schools, instructors, and students through this Learning Management System. It offers a comprehensive approach to classroom administration, allowing priceless learning materials, monitoring teacher-student interactions, scheduling virtual courses, lesson planning, and creating efficient evaluations and assignments. And it provides the ideal opportunity to refine instructional practices and enhance learning outcomes while making the best use of technology.


Educational gadgets have a distinct purpose for digital classrooms and are available in a variety of sizes and designs.

Google Chromebooks and iPads:

They are portable and useful for both online and in-person learning. Computers, clickers, SMART boards, and projectors are examples of electronic gadgets that may or may not be portable. Depending on the hardware and software chosen, advantages include wireless screen sharing and interactive display features. Airtame is one instance of a wireless screen-sharing gadget. Rise Vision templates, emergency notifications, and messaging are all made possible by this classroom technology.


KYAN is a reliable device that can convert any flat surface into an interactive board for a variety of mixed teaching and learning needs. It includes a powerful platform for creating, organising, and delivering courses to meet all teaching and learning needs, as well as rich multimedia material that is matched to the curriculum. Its built-in speaker ensures that a crystal-clear sound is heard even in a large classroom or a mid-size theatre, and its brilliant projector provides a clear image, even outside.

Teachers trust KYAN because of its adaptability, versatility, and barebones ease of use. It enables teachers to plan, develop, and contextualize their courses, make in-class evaluations engaging and interactive, and seamlessly combine online and offline learning to achieve desired learning objectives.

Digital tools are making learning easier than ever

In a digital school in India, the assessment procedure is streamlined by teachers using digital classroom technologies. Giving instructors and students access to real-time feedback capabilities via online digital technologies offers a potent incentive for students to take control of their classroom results. Students may select the resources that best suit their learning preferences and develop their skill sets to increase learning process value, engagement, and authenticity. Other crucial skill sets, including communication, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, digital and financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and global awareness, are improved by the use of digital technologies.

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