Why Schoolnet India Online Learning Platform is better than offline tuition?

Schoolnet India Limited is a prominent EdTech service provider in India, offering digital and digitally-enabled services to K-12 schools and students.

Schoolnet – A pioneer in terms of classroom technologies

We think that the use of Edtech at the grassroots level may make a difference and assist bridge the digital divide. It has the potential to change the lives of kids at the middle and bottom of the pyramid. Our innovative ‘Phygital’ method seamlessly integrates in-school and after-school instruction. We blend the advantages of conventional and online learning, resulting in technology-enabled adoption and personalization of education at scale.

Schoolnet India Limited, in collaboration with its partners and subsidiaries, develops, designs, and delivers solutions covering education, skill development, and employability on a vast canvas. We provide life-changing opportunities to millions of students, teachers, and adolescents across the country and around the world. Schoolnet classes nurture the most inspiring and motivational learning environment, attracting the best teachers and students.

Schoolnet provides tremendous advantages over traditional classroom instruction.

The most popular online learning platform for students, instructors, and parents is Schoolnet. We created resources, curriculum, and technology and sent them to Indian school teachers. To enhance student learning outcomes, we targeted the entire learning environment, including schools, government, and other organizations. Hardware, software, and a learning solution comprise our system. Schoolnet online provides digital learning solutions for schools. Teachers may utilize it in the classroom and deliver instructional tools to students via the Geneo app. Schoolnet login allows you access to innovative offerings that make great learning accessible to all. This is what sets Schoolnet India Limited apart from the competition.

Geneo – A central resource for relevant and verified educational information.

Geneo is Schoolnet’s flagship Personalized Learning Solution, and it is meant to make learning easy, smart, and effective. It is a web-based program that provides instructional information in a customized, self-paced learning environment. Schoolnet online’s Geneo is built on a blended learning strategy (AI-powered technology + individualized mentor support) to help students get a better comprehension of subjects and apply them in the classroom.

Innovative Devices – Leveraging technology to enhance the learning experience

Smart, innovative technologies from Schoolnet are designed to harness technology and convert classrooms into interactive, highly engaging digital classrooms.

KYAN is a robust EdTech machine that is loaded with rich multimedia material.

The flagship product of Schoolnet is an all-in-one portable EdTech gadget meant to make teaching and learning more rich, engaging, and efficient.

KYAN, a feature-rich EdTech device, is the world’s first 6-in-1 interactive, inexpensive, user-friendly teaching-learning gadget that has been nationally and globally recognized by learning communities.

This idea, which was co-designed, developed, and copyrighted by Schoolnet India Limited and IIT Bombay and commercialized by Schoolnet in 2007, has now gone mainstream and has attained substantial size, scope, and effect in education and training.

Chromebooks are powerful devices that let students connect more deeply in the classroom.

Chromebooks are Google-powered, lightweight, speedy, cost-effective, and secure notebooks that run on Intel® processors and have a long battery backup. Even when shared Chromebooks are used in the classroom, the experience is personalized. Students get easy access to Schoolnet online’s study materials.

Administrators may utilize Chromebooks to create user groups, filter material available to users, control student access, and increase institutional manageability.

EnglishBolo App – An English-language app that helps you improve your spoken English.

This is a multi-level English language study program designed to improve learners’ employability and equip them for a productive and active professional life. EnglishBolo is a blended learning system that helps improve English speaking abilities at any time and from any location, covering the whole spectrum of English fluency. Schoolnet India Limited provides life-changing opportunities through its Online Learning Platforms to millions of students, teachers, and youth across the country and around the world. Your Schoolnet login will open to you a world of learning opportunities.

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