Which is the best EdTech company in India?

The best of India’s leading edtech companies have created a self-regulatory body to ensure that every learner has access to high-quality, low-cost education. Under the leadership of the best Edtech companies in India, the India EdTech Consortium has been created to ensure quality standards for future learners in India. Schoolnet, one of the pioneers in providing K 12 solutions to students wholeheartedly supports this.

In line with the government’s recent advisory, the IEC will make sure that every learner has access to high-quality, low-cost education that not only improves academic performance but also prepares them for the future.

Schoolnet believes that the Edtech industry of India is highly competitive and overcrowded. There are thousands of Edtech Startups in India for K12 operational in the sector. They have been successful in scaling operations and achieving positive earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) margins.

Installing a regulatory mechanism

Edtech Startups in India have agreed to follow and adhere to a common ‘Code of Conduct,’ and establish a two-tier grievance redressal mechanism to ensure that the industry’s positive impact reaches every deserving consumer while protecting their interests and promoting their rights.

IAMAI has released a report that says that the best Edtech companies in India are growing at an exponential rate. The sector is being driven by the need for new computer-assisted learning solutions to combat problems such as the recent spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns that resulted in parents and schools looking for new ways to find ways to teach the students.

The exponential growth of the Edtech sector

Edtech Startups in India for K12 is because of advancements in multimedia content and virtual meeting software is becoming more widely available and successful. The best Edtech companies in India have been addressing accessibility and affordability through high-quality courses. The tools and skills needed to teach K-12 solutions to students have greatly improved. Hybrid classrooms necessitated the use of specialised, low-cost technology.

This has elevated India’s status as a global education hub. The Edtech Startups in India for K12 touch the lives of more than 250 million school students. At this scale, the ecosystem must adhere to a framework that protects our learners’ rights, and all EdTech companies are committed to this.

Top 5 Edtech companies in India

Most Edtech Startups in India for K12 function in a crowded market, that delivers K-12 and test prep content to the same share of customers while ignoring a wide range of customers. Some of the best Edtech companies in India include:


It also prepares students for exams in India such as IIT-JEE and NEET, as well as international exams such as the GRE and GMAT.

They use engaging video courses, tailored learner journeys, endless practise tests, and interesting quizzes to make learning fun. It provides lessons that begin with class 4 and progress to CAT or IAS exam preparation. It offers online classes for UPSC, CBSE NCERT, ICSE, IIT-JEE, and NEET.


Schoolnet truly understands students’ need for dependable K 12 solutions. They are dedicated to providing excellent service to their education clients. The company, which currently has partnerships with approximately 45,000 schools across the country, plans to add 75,000-1 lakh additional schools over the next five years. Geneo, a Schoolnet digital initiative, provides customised learning K 12 solutions designed to meet the needs of students, teachers, educators, parents, and communities  to improve learning outcomes and the educational ecosystem as a whole.


Unacademy is an Indian online education startup based in Bangalore. The organisation employs over 12,000 tutors and provides study materials for a wide range of professional and academic entrance exams. Unacademy offers free videos, PDF notes, and subscriptions. It offers several paid and free courses.


Working people, college students, and corporations can all benefit from the EdTech firm’s online programmes in IT, data science, management, and technology. UpGrad has collaborations with several prestigious universities, allowing students to gain career-enhancing skills.


Classplus is a mobile phone SaaS system that empowers coaching institutions, tuition centres, and private tutors to take their businesses online and automate content distribution, payments, interaction, and online exams via an all-in-one teaching app. The education sector has recently undergone a significant transformation, and edtech has aided in driving new-age academic excellence. The best Edtech companies in India have made a significant impact by providing quality and affordable k 12 solutions education services. The industry has also created a large number of job opportunities. However, as the sector and end-users continue to grow at a rapid pace, it is critical to establish a standard code of conduct for all Indian Edtech entities to follow and to ensure that ‘learners’ remain at the centre of all business.

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