What equipment is needed for the computer lab?

Building a computer lab requires time and work for every school that wants to implement ICT for learning. The professionals at ICT Schoolnet are dedicated to assisting educational institutions in creating a safe and secure environment for children to study and flourish. Our skilled team will collaborate with you to design a computer lab that suits the demands of your school.

Providing a secure, interactive, and easy-to-use environment

Schoolnet ICT Lab is dedicated to closing the digital divide between students from various socioeconomic and geographical origins. We enable students of all backgrounds to achieve their academic goals by offering fair access to digital materials and tools. We think that everyone should have equal access to these resources, and we work hard to make that a reality. We supply schools with IT infrastructure, digital material, and teachers, and we run and maintain them under long-term contracts.

ICT Schoolnet Lab is an innovative program that provides support and guidance to schools in developing a comprehensive computer lab. We build, own, operate and transfer computer laboratories in schools to provide students and instructors with the latest IT and essential physical infrastructure, as well as digital teaching and learning materials. Through this program, we ensure that students and instructors have access to the best-in-class technology and resources to ensure the highest quality of learning.

Equipment provided for an ICT Schoolnet Computer Lab

A Schoolnet ICT Lab equipment includes computers, monitors, keyboards, disk drives, modems, printers, scanners, cameras, speakers, and multimedia projectors like Kyan, Whiteboard, and Chromebooks.

Advantages of Schoolnet ICT Labs


ICT Schoolnet is committed to providing a comprehensive operational strategy to ensure project success. A centralized project control center is part of our operating strategy. This control room is outfitted with cutting-edge ICT equipment, allowing us to monitor project progress 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Computer Instructors

ICT Schoolnet is dedicated to providing a transparent recruiting and deployment process for professional computer educators. We have a centralized website that ensures teachers are chosen and assigned to duties in a methodical and efficient manner.

Workshop-based training programs

Regular workshops are held in schools to train instructors. These courses provide instructors with the resources and pedagogical materials they need to use the ICT Schoolnet platform. They are also instructed on the system’s many features and operations. Instructors are urged to be more creative and to take more responsibility for the process.

Development of Customised Content

Customized instructional multimedia material is aligned with the defined curriculum in ICT Schoolnet Labs. A range of simulation, animation, audio video, and graphical components are added to the curriculum to increase student and instructor engagement and motivation. This resource library better prepares instructors to deal with the personalized requirements of learners and to tackle hard-curricular topics.

Schoolnet ICT Lab – A necessity in today’s times

Multimedia computers are an essential measure of technological proficiency. Such computers enable the user to show images, video, and sound in addition to text, creating chances for learning from a range of media resources, or resources that employ various capabilities concurrently. More interesting is the idea of students creating their own multimedia reports and presentations (as well as other resources). Depending on the subject matter and the preferences of the teachers, such talents can broaden the repertoire of student capacities and develop relevant skills and modes of expression for later use.

Trust Schoolnet ICT Labs to provide cutting-edge education.

We recognize the need for a safe and dependable digital infrastructure in the modern classroom. We supply the required technology and software, as well as ensure that the lab is user-friendly and favorable to learning. The Schoolnet ICT Lab staff stays current on technology and offers training and assistance to guarantee that your lab is constantly operational.We can assist you in developing and operating a personalized computer lab that will offer students the skills and information required to flourish in the twenty-first century. Our experts can also assist you in developing a sustainable ICT environment that is adapted to the needs of your school. We offer solutions that are economical, secure, and dependable.

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