How can technology help English language learners?

Using technology to support English language learners

Whether you’re learning English to achieve a personal goal or as part of a school program, you can improve your fluency and vocabulary with digital technology. In fact, technology is the most effective method of learning a new language. It not only provides endless opportunities for practice but also makes it easy to stay on track with lesson plans. This can help them become more proficient in the language and better able to communicate with native speakers. Read on to know, ‘How to learn English quickly’

Online English tutors can delegate fascinating and interactive virtual exercises to demonstrate knowledge, such as games and videos. In addition, they can convey new vocabulary words in a variety of ways, including by demonstrating their meaning and by writing them out in a sentence.

How to learn English quickly

EnglishBolo is the most creative and innovative English course you could ever see. With EnglishBolo, each lesson gets more fun, dynamic, and interactive than the last. This is a great way to improve learning through creative and innovative assignments that encourage recall to practise. EnglishBolo has received positive feedback from users. It enhances learning by utilising unique and inventive projects that promote memory via practice. It is your answer to ‘how to learn English quickly’ at any time and from any location.

EnglishBolo is a revolutionary English course that is enjoyable and effective. The course is based on the understanding that shows that combining music, games, and storytelling is the most effective way to improve your English. With EnglishBolo, you’ll do just that while having fun, exercising your brain, and enjoying the wonderful stories behind the songs.

Learn from EnglishHelper – An education technology expert

EnglishHelper is dedicated to deploying cutting-edge educational technology that reaches millions of disadvantaged and deserving students worldwide. EnglishHelper’s team of highly trained and motivated professionals is dedicated to creating products and solutions that make a difference in people’s lives.

The benefits of EnglishHelper’s ReadToMe:

ReadToMe is a multi-sensory reading and comprehension AI technology that uses contextual learning content to improve the systematic development of reading abilities. ReadToMe adjusts to local demands, making it globally relevant.

ReadToMe is used in thousands of schools in India and other nations. The curriculum is being adopted in all Sri Lankan schools and has been applied effectively in Africa and Central America.

Independent organisations’ large-scale RCT assessments validate the benefits of using ReadToMe in schools. Over 100,000 field tests have been done, with over 1 million tests being logged online.

Learn from trusted sources

Technology offers a lot of learning options. Apps, websites, blogs, podcasts, and vlogs are several of the most popular types of Internet learning sources that individuals can use to expand their knowledge on a variety of topics. However, with the amount of information on the Internet today, it may be difficult to determine which sources are trustworthy and offer quality information.

The many reasons why you must trust EnglishBolo app:

  • 100 English Lessons: Practise Speaking English 15 Minutes a Day
  • Teacher teaching on EnglishBolo: English Speaking App
  • 10 Online Teacher Classes: Practise English Conversations with Expert Teachers
  • Word Translation: Translate New and Difficult Words in Multiple Languages
  • Picture Dictionary: Learn Meanings of Words with the Picture Dictionary
  • Pronunciation Practice: Practise Pronunciation of Any Word
  • Lifelong Learning: Keep Your EnglishBolo Lessons for Life

Technology has become a crucial aspect of the English learning process both in and out of the classroom. Language learning has been aided and improved by the use of technology. Online teachers may adjust classroom activities using technology, which improves the language learning process. Today, teachers and students may use our gadgets to create, communicate, and engage in meaningful learning. Now, you longer have to wonder ‘how to learn English quickly’ Get started with English Bolo or English Helper today.

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