We live in an age when information is available literally at our fingertips. But at the same time, we are also easily distracted. The inability to manage our time, resources, emotional connect, ironically leads to an inadequate ability to communicate properly. The colourful world of emojis and smileys fails to be a cover up for the real skill of communicating in a second language – English, the learning of which, has become an essential skill for employability today. A real-virtual blind spot is gradually spreading into the world of learning effective language communication. Ask Sreenivasulu Gorla, an introvert youth from Kadapa District in Andhra Pradesh, to tell you what learning to communicate  in English meant to him. He does not come from an English­ speaking background, yet he knew he had to learn to communicate in English to keep his career on track. There were many options available to him for learning English. But he was apprehensive about entering this uncharted territory. Would his inability to speak a foreign language make him a laughing stock? Would he get the time slot appropriate for him? How could a mobile or computer teach one how to speak effectively, he wondered? Despite his apprehensions he registered for the EnglishBolo Program. And, he never looked back.

Before we seek an answer to a specific learner’s journey, it is important to make a simple point here. The principles and elements of learning remain the same, whether we go for a traditional method or tech-enabled learning. You learn when you feel emotionally secure; you get lessons that align to your context; you engage with tasks that are cognitively aligned, and teaching is sensitively delivered to enhance your existing level of  proficiency. EnglishBolo  as a tech-solution encompasses all these elements as it allows a student to engage in the learning process in a meaningful way. Most of all, it deals with each learner with empathy and a personal touch.

So, when Sreenivasulu Gorla started his ‘Learn Yourself’ lesson he liked it. But his apprehensions had not yet been completely mitigated until he attended the virtual class and met the teacher in the ‘Online Teacher Classes’. Thus, he went through two stages of learning. Firstly, after every lesson, he was assessed for his learning through an adaptive assessment method. This helped him overcome his initial stage of anxiety. Secondly, joining the ‘Online Teacher Classes’ gave him the opportunity to have a real-time conversation with the teachers in English. The best part of this was that he could decide the time suitable for the class. The teacher helped him nurture his confidence. He especially mentions the compassion with which a stranger sitting a far and unknown corner of India was patient enough to engage with him during his interaction session. That made all the difference for him.

Compassion remains the magical word in the world of learning that most of the cognitive scientists agree about. For actual learning to happen, one needs to engage with a sense of dignity and empathy. It is here that EnglishBolo presents itself as an effective tool of mastery in the domain while respecting the learners. It ascertains the extent to which it can successfully engage the learner productively, comfortably and respectfully. That is what instils winning confidence in the learner – ‘Yes, I can do it’. This is the key to EnglishBolo’s growing popularity among non-English speaking aspirants who join it to grasp the ability to speak language effortlessly. It gives the learner freedom to take classes when most suitable to them and learn the language in a sensitive, personalised and caring environment.

Sreenivasulu Gorla’s confident smile tells it all!