15 Sources Of Digital Content For Your Classroom

Spreading the light of digital education

With the amount of educational content on the web, teachers can go without textbooks and rely solely on digital content for schools. A digital classroom can be beneficial for students as it can provide them with access to computers, the internet, and educational software. Digital content in education is hands-on and engaging and makes learning seem easy. However, it is important to find trustworthy websites that will provide valuable content. To help you build up your library of resources, here are 15 sources of digital content for your classroom you are going to want to bookmark right away.


Schoolnet India offers various learning solutions for different audiences, from children to adults. They provide innovative and scalable solutions to government and affordable private schools to improve the quality of K-12 digital education. Adaptive learning solutions, such as Geneo and EnglishBolo, make learning more personalized, self-paced, and accessible. Their digital content in education is hands-on and engaging and makes learning seem easy. Schoolnet is an ideal teaching medium for a successful digital classroom.


Get ahead by learning from the best of the best at top universities and companies. Hundreds of free digital education courses are available, or you can start with a free trial. You can also access lectures on demand from your desktop or mobile device. Or, choose from free courses, hands-on projects, certificate programs, and stackable credentials.


Edutopia is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding innovative and creative ways for K-12 students to acquire and apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills required to succeed in their studies, careers, and adult lives.

C-SPAN Classroom

They give social studies teachers access to thousands of free digital content for schools, such as short current events videos, lesson plans, and bell ringers, as well as Constitution Clips and On This Day in History events.

Discovery Education

They manage a digital library of over 200,000 resources from across the globe, helping educators’ objectives, engage students, and reflect the diversity of their audience. They focus on producing, selecting, and curating high-quality digital content for schools to support educators in meeting K-12 instructional goals.


Illuminations is a website that provides free math learning and teaching resources for grades K-12. It includes a search box with a list of available contents and topics. With its help, you can easily find the digital content in education you need to ace your mathematics.

International Children’s Digital Library

The ICDL Foundation has a library of 4619 e-books in 59 languages, available to students all over the world. The Foundation’s goal is to amass a library of outstanding historical and contemporary books from around the world.

Khan Academy

Students can learn at their own pace on Khan Academy, filling in gaps in their understanding and then accelerating their learning. The library of practice and lessons covers math K-12 through early college, grammar, science, history, and more. Everything is free for students and teachers.

National Geographic Education

National Geographic is the perfect place to learn about new things and explore the world. You can have endless opportunities to learn, including immersive experiences, interactive lesson plans, maps, and other free resources. They can add value to a digital classroom.


The AdaptedMind tool is useful for teaching reading and math to K-6 students. It employs comprehensive and common core-aligned problems and illustrations to help learners understand the concepts. AdaptedMind assesses a child’s strengths and weaknesses and then tailors a curriculum and exercises to meet those needs, which can revolutionize education.

OER Commons

OER Commons is empowering K-12 teachers and college faculty to take an active role in developing and improving digital educational materials. In workshops, teachers are using OER Commons to create new digital content for schools.

PBS Learning Media

PBS LearningMedia is your go-to source for digital resources that are ready to use in the classroom. With tens of thousands of digital content in education including videos, games, audio clips, photos, and lesson plans, you can easily find what you need, save it, and share it with others. Best of all, PBS LearningMedia is free for educators.


Since its inception, TED-Ed has been dedicated to promoting the sharing of ideas among teachers and students worldwide. Their library of animated videos, interactive lessons, and global teacher network help curious learners of all ages gain the skills they need to communicate their ideas effectively.


This website’s digital content is common core and STEM-aligned, making it valuable for elementary classrooms. Wonderopolis poses and answers a new question every day, which makes it ideal for inquiry-based learning. The Common Core search option can help narrow down the questions, and the site also provides clear connections to the standards and explanations.


Although YouTube only launched in 2005, it has become a staple for educators looking for digital content for their classrooms. With 500 hours of footage being uploaded every minute and over 1 billion views per day, there are plenty of channels dedicated to teaching students of all grades different curricula and lessons, such as Khan Academy, Edutopia, and TED-Ed. These are the 15 Sources of Digital Content for Your Classroom. They have been curated to help aspiring students make the best selection to pursue their academic goals. Most of the sources are free to use, though some require payment. The 15 Sources of Digital Content for Your Classroom is a guide that will help you compare the various sources, and arrive at what suits you best. Enjoy your learning experience.

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