We Shall Overcome

we shall overcome

This is one song we’ve all heard and whole-heartedly sung at some time of our lives. Strangely, when we sang this in school it was not quite clear what it was that we were going to overcome. Or that, what was that Utopian existence that we were fearlessly striving for and literally singing our hearts out for.

But we sang it anyway…with full gusto and filled with purposefulness and conviction that we shall beat all odds – whatever they may be. This sense of confidence and assumed success also had something to do with the fact that whatever it is that we shall be doing – it shall be done as a team.

But overcome what? Not be afraid of what? Be free of what?…..

Ironically, today suddenly we have the answers. All the answers. To all that we were then preparing ourselves to overcome. We are face to face with so much that has to be overcome. The present situation has laid down new rules and new goalposts. And in this new normal, there is much to overcome.

Our dreams are new, our aspirations are limited. Our focus has shifted, our capabilities are under scrutiny.

Our existence is under threat, our desires are frugal. And so magically, the age-old song – we shall overcome – has taken on a new meaning.

Stay healthy! Stay safe! Stay at home!

But don’t allow your thoughts and your mind to go into quarantine.…because these are our tools to overcome all odds!!!!

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