Empowering Education: The Impact of Interactive Learning and EdTech Innovations


In our digital age, interactive learning and cutting-edge edtech solutions are reshaping traditional education. Recent research from the Universities of Washington and Maine underscores the effectiveness of these methods, with students engaged in this approach being 1.5 times less likely to fail compared to those in traditional classrooms.

Edtech: Interactive Learning Redefined:

Interactive Learning, a technology-driven and learner-centric approach, transforms education by providing an immersive and exploratory learning experience.

EdTech’s Role in Revolutionising Learning:

Kyan, at the forefront of EdTech devices from Schoolnet in India, leads the charge in transforming classrooms into digital hubs. Through innovative solutions like Learning Management Systems and digital classrooms, EdTech is not only bridging learning gaps swiftly but also personalising learning concepts, motivating students, and fostering inclusive environments.

Proven Success and Skill Development :

Interactive learning, supported by studies like Edgar Dale’s cone of experience, significantly improves learning outcomes and critical skill development. Students not only retain information better but also acquire essential life skills such as collaboration.

Adapting to the Digital Age:

To counter digital distractions, integrating EdTech solutions like learning management systems and digital classrooms becomes crucial, engaging students fully and bringing back their focus.

Future of Interactive Learning and EdTech:

As interactive learning progressively replaces traditional methods, its impact on learning outcomes and skill development is evident. The ongoing evolution, driven by leading EdTech devices like Kyan, aligns with the dynamic needs of future classrooms in India. The personalized and innovative nature of these solutions positions EdTech solutions as a key in the education sector’s transformation.


EdTech, spearheaded by devices like Kyan, plays a pivotal role in revolutionising education through interactive learning. As classrooms evolve into digital havens, the combined impact of technology and innovative pedagogical approaches ensures a brighter future for learners in India.

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