“A series on teacher's happiness quotient” By Schoolnet India

Edition - 1
Teacher Essentials': A recipe for classroom happiness

Saturday, 8th April 2023
3:00 pm onwards

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A Happy Classroom - Every teacher’s goal

Children spend a greater part of their day in classrooms. So for teaching and learning to be truly effective, it is important that classrooms are safe, happy and welcoming spaces. This must be achieved without compromising academic results and the personal growth of your students. So how do you balance happiness, learning and discipline?

In the fifth session of the "Unwind - A series on teacher's happiness quotient”, we will be reflecting on the most researched and successful strategies for building a disciplined and happy classroom

Mr Prashant Mehrishi

Mr. Prashant Mehrishi

Joining us in the discussion is Mr Prashant Mehrishi, a performance-driven strategic thinker with 21 years of experience who holds expertise in developing teacher training programmes and school transformation systems.

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