A Bridge Between Worlds


Learning a language is not just acquiring a lingua franca, the associated grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and structure of sentences; nor is it just acquiring the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. It goes way beyond that ~ understanding the associated culture of the country that particular language has stemmed from.
In today’s time and age, learning a language has gained immense popularity, due to a number of benefits. However, a foreign language is usually taken up as a venture, after one has mastered the national, official and/or regional language. A language, which has maintained an almost constant demand, and is among the most popular, is the English language. In India, this language is part and parcel of the curricula of a large number of schools. However, the teaching of the language (and also applicable to other subjects) has seen slow and gradual changes over the years: from the chalk-and-blackboard method of theatre style teaching to the introduction of innovative teaching tools and methodologies, which have empowered teachers, and enhanced learning outcomes.


A Bridge Between Worlds
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