Online learning has opened difficult challenges and exciting possibilities. Personalised learning has come in focus for students to understand their challenges and decide their own unique learning path. Geneo is a smart online platform making anywhere anytime learning effective by providing opportunity to students to become self-directed learners. It offers students, teachers, and parents alike an integrated interface to track the learning development of a child.

Each textbook chapter and concept have associated multimodal content to reinforce and clarify concepts providing deeper engagement opportunity.  Well-designed assessments make learning check a fun. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) assisted features guide each learner to chart their own learning path at their own pace and style. Live classes make it further useful. To give learners the advantage of human face for doubt clearing where they can reach out to mentors. All these are made available at an affordable price especially for the children from the Middle and Bottom of the Pyramid (MBoP) of the school system.

Thus, this comprehensive and intuitive platform brings all the learning within the reach of the learner. Scores of students and teachers are adopting Geno platform to maximise the benefit that digital learning offers in terms of adaptive and personalised learning all over. Here we bring to our readers a small cross section of the experiences of Geneo users:

Ms. Rupsa Mishra

I really like the Geneo E-sekha live classes,
especially Maths and English. While
studying if there is any problem, I use
the mentor support and get my queries
resolved. The learning videos are very
good and helpful. I really use assessments
the most as they are very helpful to study

Ms. Rupsa Mishra,
Class 10 (Geneo Student, West Bengal Board)

Ms. Jheel Agarwal

I love to study with Geneo! The best features for me are the live classes and learning videos. Teachers explain concepts clearly and solve all my doubts.

Ms. Jheel Agarwal,
Class 8 (Geneo Student, CBSE Board)

Parents Experience:

Geneo as a learning app is helpful for the parents too who can track the learning development of their kids and Guide them in studies with the support of Geneo. Obviously, Parents are happy with the value they get from the platform for the price.

Mr. Kiran Molabanti

“Me and my son Bhavesh (Std 8) really like using Geneo. It is a great learning app that follows NCERT syllabus. So studying along with NCERT books is really easy. The live classes feel like actual sessions with teachers explaining each topic nicely. Overall I feel it’s a very good platform and comes at a reasonable price.”

Mr. Kiran Molabanti,
A Geneo Parent

Teachers Experience:

A unique proposition of Geneo is, it is conceptualised in a manner that is effective for all stakeholders who contribute towards student’s learning. While students and parents have been advocating Geneo for self-learning, teachers from both CBSE English medium and vernacular medium schools have also been using Geneo to teach in a more effective manner. Some of the experiences that teachers shared with us are:

Mrs. Monalisha Roy

– “During the pandemic it was difficult to go to school and teach and so we taught students using Geneo after they read the textbooks. The learning videos explain the concepts beautifully using images and simple language to help students learn better. Students can also study before attending a class and be prepared for the class discussions. I personally like the Assessment feature through which a student can understand how much they have learnt at the end of every chapter. This builds the confidence in students.

( v=fNzmdqXLEFs&t=9s)

Mrs. Monalisha Roy,
Teacher – Science, Khadimpur Girls School, West Bengal

Mrs. Mini Nair

Mini Ma’am and her colleagues have been using Geneo for more than 7 months now, she shares – “ I am very passionate about teaching and really want my students to be the same. They should be able to learn thoroughly and respond back in the same manner. During lockdown, there were students who did not even have a

Mrs. Mini Nair,
TGT – St. Joseph’s Academy, Delhi

textbook and Geneo helped us. It was like a dream come true for them as everything was online, the textbook, the learning video, interactives -all mapped together. The best part about Geneo is they have an ‘Ask a mentor’ and assessment feature which helps the students and the teachers.”( watch?v=FRHbHh4DT48)

Having the NCERT textbook at the core, Geneo as anytime anywhere solution is completely in sync with classroom teaching and personal needs of a learner.

Mr. Kunal Das

“Before the pandemic learning at school with digitized content was always fun. We really loved the way teachers taught us at school with multimedia content (K-Class). But when the pandemic hit us, the schools were shut and we really missed the learning experience. But when we were introduced to Geneo at school, it was like dream come true. We could study with a whole lot of learning videos, exploriments. Taking assessments was so easy and with each passing day my confidence grew.

Mr. Kunal Das,
Class 6 (Geneo Student, West Bengal Board)

With Geneo we are striving to make learning easy, engaging, deep and future focussed for students from the MBoP sector.


Swati Nirantare