‘Geneo for School’: An ecosystem approach to digital learning

The long standing COVID disruption has decisively flagged the need for a comprehensive and sustainable digital teaching learning ecosystem to be the mainstay of the school system for the time to come. To fill this felt need, Schoolnet India has created ‘Geneo for School’ solution to expand teaching practices and learning experiences radically. A comprehensive application that it is, it seamlessly synchronizes in-school and after-school teaching and learning, making the task of school administration and teachers, simple and efficient. It helps create new models of blended teaching and learning in sync with the personalized learning experience of each learner. It offers a clear roadmap for a journey aimed at total digital transformation to help learners develop an attitude of “learning for life” along with enhancing the learning outcomes.  

The ‘Geneo for School’ solution comprises an integrated Learning Management System (LMS), a Learner’s App powered by Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia content for all classes, and a versatile patented Device- KYAN powered by Geneo. ‘Geneo for School’, thus, offers an integrated ecosystem through a highly adaptable array of App, resources, and platform.

“Geneo for School is a complete solution for a 360-degree digital transformation of the school”, said Mr. Ajinkya Ambarkhane, Director of Meghe Group of Schools. “The perfect combination of devices, learning content, and student learning app makes for a complete teaching-learning system for schools and students “, he added. The Geneo for School model promises to transform the learning culture for all the stakeholders of a school system.

The solution has been developed by carefully mapping the emerging needs of the education system, schools, teachers, and students to create a positive, measurable impact, at scale. They are thoughtfully planned, designed, and monitored by experts drawn from the fields of education, educational technologies, ed-tech administrators, advisors from the field of learning sciences, and entrepreneurs working in tandem.

Schoolnet has the expertise of successful large-scale project implementation ably supported by teams to ensure consistent performance, feedback, monitoring, and evaluation to ensure access, impact, and sustainability. Recently, discussions on making Geneo for School a model with the private school segment have been initiated. There are already over 55 schools across various Indian geographies ready to onboard this ecosystem approach. As an organization, Schoolnet has an impeccable track record for creating an efficient, responsive, and result-oriented ecosystem through new-age EdTech solutions to build a solid foundation for 21st century education.

Schoolnet is currently offering this package to CBSE schools and others following NCERT curriculum. It aims to expand its product offering to all affordable private schools that follow various boards in the country in a phased manner.

More information on Geneo School can be obtained from: info@geneo.in.