Financial Literacy programme

The main objective of the Financial Literacy programme is to create awareness amongst the community on various issues related to finance.

These are the issues that almost families or individual comes across in their respective daily lives. Since the services of the Computer Buses are being utilized for this programme, villages around the adopted schools have been targeted and covered. Keeping this in mind, 24 villages were covered, with an approximate population of 4800 (200 for each village).

So, as a Mobile Facilitation Center, the Computer Buses have been utilized to sensitize the community on the subject of Financial Planning, and adopting sound financial management practices. All these are being done after school hours. This programme was introduced in FY 2017-2018.

Binita Dutta, a resident of Rangoli village in Charaideo district, is a beneficiary of the Financial Literacy programme under the OIL-Dikhya Project. “I have learnt some very important and basic things about finance and banking that were earlier not known to me, says Binita

“I was not sure about how to use an ATM! In fact, I didn’t want to use them because of the apprehension that I had always felt, but after attending classes held in the Computer Bus, my attitude has changed a lot. Now, I am thinking of using the ATM with the help of my nephew,” says Jayram Tanti, who attended the Financial Literacy Programme in Lahowal Girls ME School, and is a resident of Dibual Changmai Gaon, Dibrugarh