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  IL&FS Education provides learning outcome-based ICT solution, which focuses on enriching existing curriculum, facilitating the acquisition of new skills and promote critical thinking. We deliver Computer Aided Learning (CAL) programme under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and integrate it with the latest technology with learning and training needs. We offer holistic and comprehensive solutions in the fields of pre-primary, elementary, secondary and higher education using Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools. With the vision to provide quality education for all, IL&FS Education has created holistic education solutions that are built around improving quality of education in schools and informal settings through Multiple technology platforms.
  • ICT Lab Exposure and increased access to computer education by setting up computer labs in schools and enabling computer education and computer-aided learning(CAL). A unique and innovative computer-lab setting up process has been designed to enable the implementation of large-scale projects undertaken by IL&FS Education within 100-120 Days.
  • Integrated Community Computer, K-Yan An Integrated and Innovative Technology Platform developed by in collaboration with IIT Bombay combines the functionality of Multiple Devices. o Converts any wall into an interactive board with no additional infrastructure required o Fully loaded with high-end accessories and technologically advanced features The K-Yan based solution comes with a host of value-added services like interactive multimedia content, virtual experiments, educational videos and teacher training adding up to become a comprehensive learning solution for a wide spectrum of audiences ranging from children in schools and informal setting, to teachers, adults and corporate.
  • Interactive Multimedia Content Multimedia content for K-12 is developed to strengthen concept based learning with the help of a variety of 2D/3D animation and audio-video curriculum-based content modules.
IL&FS Education has a robust content and curriculum development system supported by a dedicated team of subject experts who design on the ADDIE model i.e. Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate. We have reached out to thousands of schools through our ICT interventions in Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Government and Government aided schools across Bihar, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Odisha, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir and across the globe.
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