How Olympiads help prepare kids for a 21st-century career

Olympiads can play a great role in tapping skills and help us find the next Ramanujans and CV Ramans of India. Here is how Olympiads help kids prepare for a 21st-century career. Olympiads can play a great role in tapping skills and help us find the next Ramanujans and...

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The Hindu – Digital literacy for government school students

Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) along with IL&FS Education is carrying out the digital literacy programme for class 8 and 9 students. These students would be trained in digital literacy as part of the 16-hour training. Aspects such as computer basics, awareness on internet, creating e-mail, carrying out cashless transactions, google maps and search engines would be covered in the training.

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BW Education – Feeding Two Sides With One Byte

A plethora of English Apps are now available on the cloud. A smart phone, an internet connection and a quick download later (often for free); a person can dive into learning to speak English. However, very often, this does not solve the problem.

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Blogs-Publications – Newsletter – Edvantage – September 2018

Why is learning a language important? We all know the answer. This skill, when acquired, opens a plethora of opportunities, be it in the personal or professional domain. A language is not just learning how to read, write, listen and speak, in whatever order, but to understand the culture that the language stems from. One of the most common languages, English, has seen a paradigm shift in teaching and learning experiences over the years.

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