Newsletter – Edvantage October – December 2019

Schoolnet India Limited (Schoolnet), earlier known as IL&FS Education & Technology Services Limited (IL&FS Education). While the name has changed, what remains the same is our commitment to the mission of impacting teaching and learning outcomes through Ed-tech...

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Face to Face with Sanjay Gupta

Sanjay Gupta, the Chief Executive Officer of English Helper, is committed to the democratic vision for education. A prolific writer, he is a trustee at, ‘Udayan Care’ as well as on the Board of, ‘The School of Inspired Leadership’ among others. Sanjay is also a guest faculty at Duke University’s Executive Education Program.

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Newsletter – Edvantage April – June 2019

Education must not be driven by a dogmatic set of values and practices. It needs to be directed by a clear-sighted vision that ‘senses the future’ trend by taking due cognizance of the emerging needs, risks, opportunities and uncertainties. Edu- Tech for...

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