Empowering Educators and Learners

Connecting to new age

teaching-learning methods & tools

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Empowering Educators and Learners

Connecting to new age teaching – learning methods & tools

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Solutions for Schools and Institutions


An educator’s tool that makes learning engaging and interactive. The K-Yan is designed for experiential learning in the classroom, and to trigger continued learning outside the class

Connect with Us

A technology-led academic support system to help teachers create stimulating learning environments that make learning more involving and enriching for the students

Connect with Us

Provision of equitable digital access to students across socio-economic and geographical barriers for improved academic performance

Connect with Us

Stack of cloud-based collaborative learning solutions for K-12 schools (both government and private), and higher education institutions, comprising of hardware, software and content

Assessment solutions for educational institutions.

Digital Content

Curriculum-aligned digital content for K-12, including multimedia, animations, videos, assessments and worksheets

Simulation-based, digital, interactive virtual science and maths experiments that aid experiential learning

Videos that demonstrate easy-to-perform science experiments to explain key concepts through hands-on learning experiences

English Language Learning


English language learning programs for schools aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

English language teaching to raise the employability quotient of youth includes modules for functional English, applicable to specific TVET trades

School Improvement Solutions
Holistic solutions for schools focusing on digital and physical infrastructure upgrade along with pedagogy and capacity development for improvement of learning outcomes

Integrated quality improvement programme for brownfield schools, aimed at improving learning outcomes

School improvement programme designed to use the physical infrastructure and learning processes

Solutions for Communities

Community & Supplementary Education

Mobile buses that impart digital and English literacy skills to school students and youth, to bring the world to them at a click thus enhancing their confidence and personality

Technology-enabled short-term training programs on social issues

Solutions for Learners

Personalised Learning Solutions

Curated, textbook-mapped content, assessments and remote mentor support available across devices and locations

Blended learning solutions for improving English language speaking skills using multi-sensory techniques

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