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Schoolnet India Limited (Schoolnet), earlier known as IL&FS Education & Technology Services Limited (IL&FS Education). While the name has changed, what remains the same is our commitment to the mission of impacting teaching and learning outcomes through Ed-tech interventions.

One of the areas that we are focusing on is English Language Learning, where we are working to expand our reach to impact people across sectors and segments. English Language Learning, we all know, has gained significant traction in India in recent times across different learner segments – from school children to job-seeking youth. It has become an essential prerequisite for employment, career growth, social acceptance, and upward mobility. While several players are offering English Language Training, there is a felt need to focus on segment-specific strategies and scalable models of English Learning. That said, there are several scalability challenges – diversity among learners, lack of standardisation in teaching methodology, geographical reach and access, time constraints of the aspirants and scarce number of quality trainers. To address these, there is a rise of service providers offering technology-enabled language learning platforms…read more

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