Education must not be driven by a dogmatic set of values and practices. It needs to be directed by a clear-sighted vision
that ‘senses the future’ trend by taking due cognizance of the emerging needs, risks, opportunities and uncertainties. Edu-
Tech for us is not a cop-out. It is an opportunity to reimagine education to become an efficacious incubator of learning
virtues. It is an occasion to systematically nurture the habits of mind that value curiosity, critical thinking and learning to
learn among other.

The concerns of education are ever-evolving. It interacts with the dynamic social context, ongoing research and
development in the field and emerging innovations. This means that educational solutions need to be diverse and
alert in responding to the plural realities and the context of learners.

This also led to our understanding that we cannot think of creating a great learning environment without considering
the crucial role played by teachers in this. Educational solutions will have to be designed as enabling devices rather
than a magic wand. Because we know there are no magic wands in education. Education is a real-world concern and
thus a teacher must be seen as a key actor for the real impact of education to unfold…read more

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