Fun with the whiteboard

K-Yan ensures that the classroom is transformed into a vibrant hub.
The two atria and two ventricles of a pumping heart are projected on a plain wall, with a calm and clear voice explaining the circulatory system of the human body. The instructor intersperses with verbal comments, and scribbles important points on the wall, albeit ‘virtually’. Notes can be sent to the entire class with the click of a button. Visuals are loaded with options pertaining to customised assignments, multimedia content, graphics and what not. Welcome to the world of the K-Yan or the knowledge vehicle.

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Many uses

The K-Yan is a multipurpose device, designed by Professor Kirti Trivedi, IIT Bombay, as a community computer in 2004, and commercialised by IL&FS Education and Technology Services, in 2007. It works as an interactive white board, TV, projector, DVD player, audio system, and more. The projector is of the highest quality at 3,000 lumens, bright enough for outdoor application, with a HD resolution of 1280x800. This is coupled with the latest I3 to I7 processor with integrated graphics, and a RAM varying from 4 GB to 32 GB. By using image processing technology, the K-Yan can convert any wall or whiteboard into an interactive teaching surface. One can write, draw, highlight, and move content like on a touch screen. Its 30-Watt-speaker gives the feel of a home theatre, while a storage of 1 TB allows unlimited saving capacity. There are different variants of the device: K-Yan Universal, K-Yan Pro Standard and K-Yan Pro Premium. The average cost per child/three years/school with 300 students stands at Rs. 743, which is quite cost effective.

Says R.C.M. Reddy, MD and CEO, IETS, “K-Yan can connect with multiple hand-held devices over a wireless network and act as a local cloud/server in a low connectivity environment. The idea is to transform any basic classroom into a fun-filled, quality learning experience, using the latest technologies.”

“Why do we have to study science?” This is one question Glorina Konwar, a class VIII student of Nagajan Bazaloni ME School, Assam, would ask most of the times, like most of her classmates. Well, thanks to the introduction of the K-Yan, this perception of studying science has changed.

Glorina says excitedly, “Our teacher uses K-Yan and science kits to make the subject easier; we can now understand the subjectquickly, and it is no more a difficult or a boring subject for me.”

With over 10,000 2D/3D learning units of multimedia animations, assessments, simulations, educational videos, and more, K-Yan has empowered teachers, and strengthened the teaching-learning experience.

Hand-holding training during delivery and installation, teacher training, service support for two years, school-based support visits two-to-three times a month for three years make it easy to adapt to the device. A UPS is also provided to take care of power shortfall, ensuring uninterrupted learning.

The writer is advisor, Communications and Media Outreach, IL&FS Education and Technology Services.

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