Learn English – Anytime, Anywhere with English Bolo from IL&FS Education

The world of teaching has seen a paradigm shift; technology, which has spiraled change in most of the domains, has also impacted the domain of education. The requirement of the day, as we move away from the chalk and talk method, is for blended learning, and this does not only apply to learning a language, but to almost every subject under the sun.
The idea is not to blindly follow a trend, but to understand the features and impact of the same, before its adoption. However, when we look around, it is ease to gather that technology is being adopted at a rather fast pace, and sometimes solely because “others are doing it, so why not us; we do not want to be left behind?” or because “since it is easily accessible/available/cost effective, why not make the best use of it?” The point to make is that technology is a boon as long as it is a facilitator, and not a substitute for human connect, expertise or impact, at least as far as teaching is concerned.

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Learning a language with the help of technology makes sense, as it enhances teaching/learning outcomes, empowers stakeholders involved, and ensures better learning outcomes; however, the human connect is vital. EnglishBolo, designed by IL&FS Education, in collaboration with US based Ed-Tech company English Helper, is a solution that offers a blended approach. It is targeted at employed youth, who would like to improve their English and excel in their professional and personal lives.
English Bolo from IL&FS Education
Based on the value of multisensory learning, encouraging learners to read, listen, and speak in order to improve confidence and fluency, the programme comprises of two main segments: self-learning (40 modules) lessons and teacher led classes (10 modules; after every 3 self-learning classes). Among others, the unique features of this programme include: the possibility of navigating the website in your language with real time word translation, structure of content according to the learner’s level, alignment with The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), ease of learning on any device – computer, mobile and lap-top, and a completion certification post successful assessment.
EnglishBolo has seen a good level of acceptance among users, who find it very apt for their requirements, not only because it helps improve learning through creative and innovative assignments that encourage recall through practice, but also because the programme enables anytime, anywhere learning, with a human connect i.e. that with a teacher. Says Vyas, a housewife: “Joining the programme was a good experience for me. The course has a very sound content that helps improve one’s English; besides, it is also very interesting.”

English Bolo IL&FS 1Another learner, Parth, who is a student, complements the programme too: “Learning English with EnglishBolo was a superb experience. Speaking English has become easy. Now, when someone speaks to me in English, I don’t fumble; I don’t get scared, as I have gained confidence.”

English is aspirational in India and being the youngest population in the world, our ability to equip our children and youth with the language, as part of the Life Skills umbrella, will shape our global positioning. With rapid advancement in learning technologies, the time has come to create an inclusive instructional design which brings back teachers at the heart of the learning process. If computational linguistics can be integrated with a sound pedagogical approach, it will ensure enhanced learning.

Deepak Mohanty IL&FSFurther to the above, and keeping also the employability factor in mind, IL&FS Education is offering another solution by the name of English for Employability, which aims at English language teaching to raise the employability quotient of youth, and includes modules for functional English, applicable to specific TVET trades. Professionals with good language skills assume better prospects of employment. English conversation skills enable the pupil to express himself/herself in simple, fluent and grammatically correct language, in any ordinary situation. English for Employability is a comprehensive program that teaches the language as it is spoken in the contemporary world, making learning interesting, varied and contextualized.

“Practice makes a man perfect.” This adage holds true for almost everything that needs to be mastered. However, the motivation to master lies in the way the subject has been imparted.

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