The K-Class comprehensive solution offers several value-added services that are an effort towards making a difference in the education ecosystem in a school. Most of these services are available at no additional cost.

Regular Technical Visits

The K-Class intervention ensures regular technical visits to facilitate uninterrupted and smooth functioning of K-Yan (the comprehensive community computer).

Regular Academic Visits

K-Class is the only programme that ensures regular visits to schools by academic teams. The aim is to improve the usage of the programme within the teacher community and ensure that the benefits are actually delivered to the students.

K-Class Academic Support Portal (KASP)

All the learning resources that are available for teachers on the K-Yan are made available to the students and parents online. The resources would comprise multimedia lessons, videos and simulations. This service is available free to the K-Class students and parents. (The portal is currently under construction and the content will be incrementally available in phases.)

EnglishHelper™ – ReadToMe™

K-Class has tied up with English Helper to optionally bundle ReadToMe™, a sophisticated technology platform designed to improve English skills. Its features enable students to improve their English listening, speaking, reading and comprehension, through an innovative, multi-sensory approach.

Monthly Newsletters

The monthly Newsletters aim at networking all the K-Class teachers to facilitate greater professional vigor, academic preparedness and create robust pedagogical underpinnings.

The newsletter provides a host of resources from the myriad fields of education – ranging from generic teaching-learning resources, content based resources, best educational practices from around the world, news related to education as well as voices of practitioners related to their teaching experiments.

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