A whole new way to Education

“Why do we have to study science?” This is one question Glorina Konwar, a class VIII student of Nagajan Bazaloni ME School would ask most of the times, like most of her classmates too. Well, thanks to the introduction of the K-Yan (Knowledge Vehicle) this perception of studying Science changed 360 degrees.

Before we find out more about the journey of Glorina and the K-Yan, let us explore what the K-Yan is. The K-Yan or Knowledge Vehicle, designed and developed by Professor Kirti Trivedi, IIT Bombay, and Schoolnet India in 2004, is a unique device with the functionality of a high-end computer, projector, in built audio – video, DVD / CD player and an interactive smart board. The objective of the device, or rather solution, is to enable ‘collaborative learning’ in order to achieve broader goals of equity and social inclusion, while cultivating educational practitioners to become smart thinkers. In other words, this solution aims to empower teachers, and enhance learning outcomes.

It’s no wonder that many equate the device with a ‘wonder box’, as it can convert any room into an interactive classroom. With over 10,000 2D/3D learning units of multimedia animations, assessments, simulations, exploriments, educational videos, and other such features, the K-Yan has helped empower teachers, and strengthen the teaching-learning experience.

Glorina adds excitedly: “Our Science teacher teaches us with love; sir uses K-YAN and Science kits to make the subject easier for us. As a result, we can now understand the subject very quickly, and it is no more a difficult or a boring subject for me” says Glorina.