BMW Road Safety Programme Completes Third Year, Gets Good Response

The BMW Safety Programe implemented in schools to create awareness about road safety among children has received enthusiastic response as it completes its third successful year. Implemented with the help of IL&FS Foundation, the programme has been developed with the objective of empowering students with the right knowledge, skills and attitude to shape them into responsible road users.

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Sponsored by the BMW India Foundation under their CSR initiative: Be Safe, Be Smart is a unique program that trains students from classes I to III on safe road behavior, road safety with the aim to create aware and responsible road users and road safety ambassadors.

The programme had reached 3000 students, across 10 schools in the first year, to 6000, across 25 schools (government and private) of Delhi NCR, in the second year; and taking it to yet another city, Chennai, in the current third year; as of now, 9000 students, across 30 schools, in Delhi NCR, and another 3000 students across 10 schools in Chennai, are being reached.

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