Geneo, K-12 digital learning platform

Geneo is a personalised, curriculum and student-driven digital learning platform targeting students of class 8-10. It provides action-based learning to students through LARA approach – Learn concepts, Apply concepts, Revise concepts and Assess learnings. It uses the app-cloud model to provide digital curated content, offers round-the-clock remote mentor support; and is accessible on mobile phones, laptops, PCs, tablets, and chromebooks.


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Developed by IL&FS Education & Technology Services Ltd. (IETS) in technical collaboration with Google for Education, Geneo is being positioned as a tool to help teachers deliver a session in class more effectively and not replace them.

Some of the features of the product are:

  1. Personalised learning offered through curriculum-aligned curated content for grades 8 to 102.
  2. Curated teacher-led interactive videos
  3. Visual and simulation-based learning modules that make concepts interactive, immersive and interesting4.
  4. 3-D models to understand science concepts
  5. Students can grade themselves after every lesson by playing quizzes and taking tests
  6. There are mindmaps for a visual representation of a topic to help explore it in-detail
  7. Personal mentor experience: Access to a nationwide team of teachers and subject experts
  8. Subjects covered: Maths, Science and English
  9. Board: CBSE
  10. Students can personalise digital textbook by adding notes, highlights and bookmarks
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