Success stories of teachers, from far and beyond

Pranab Mondal, a young computer teacher, 29 years of age, teaches in a government school located at North 24 Parganas, some 30 kilometers from the India-Bangladesh border; he has been teaching here since September, 2017, under the ICT@ Schools initiative commenced by the West Bengal government, and implemented by IETS. Immersed in ‘his’ computer lab, crafted by him, Pranab, points, with a sense of pride to various props designed by him that serve as visual aids for the 30-40 students who can be accommodated in the lab. However, after I noticed only 10 computers, I instantly asked him about the gap. He forthrightly explains that two students share one computer. And then, the class is also ‘split’ into theory and practical groups simultaneously.

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For him, the biggest challenge is motivating his students, many of whom have never seen a computer, let alone operated one. Besides the lab in his school, there is no ‘computer teaching
center’ for miles in the neighborhood; so explaining the youngsters how to switch a computer on is from where Pranab begins his class, slowly progressing, step-by-step, to cover the
nitty-gritties of the subject called Computer Science. “I encourage students to visit me whenever they can, in addition to the classes they attend, in order to clarify their doubts; I make every effort to make myself available ,” he adds. Some students, he says, are too scared to even touch a computer, as they feel they might spoil it, and would be, subsequently, unable to
pay for any damage. When I asked him why he chose computers, he replies that his liking for the subject, and passion for teaching made him take up teaching the subject. Pointing to a ‘tree with short cut keys’ that he made because he considers it as an excellent recall tool, he adds: “I encourage application of theory in practical classes, which adds value to the learning process; in addition I encourage the students, stronger with concepts, to ‘teach’ their peers; this type of learning, peer learning as it is called, is very effective,” adds Pranab.

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